Dolphins win, Panthers win w/o Newton

NFL week 1 thing
BY: JEFF Schneberk
Well it seems like the Super Bowl 48 game in New York was just last week but it wasn’t, and the new season is now well underway with two final games being played right now.
The first official Sunday afternoon and night of NFL took place yesterday and what a crazy day it was. The Broncos won a bit of a thriller, the Steelers won, the Browns nearly won, the Dolphins won and the Patriots lost. The Pats lost an opener for the first time in ages, I never would have believed that. And the Buffalo Bills are 1-0.
Let’s see, where to start…think I’ll start in Denver where the day ended with Manning and company happy.
First overall pick Jadeveon Clowney got hurt and is expected to miss 4-6 weeks.

Denver 31, Indy 24
Peyton Manning joins Brett Favre as the only QBs that I know of to defeat every single team in the National football League. Now we gotta hope that one day the Pats deal Brady for some young talent then maybe he can join the club too! Lol, won’t happen but fun to think of anyways.
Manning beat his former club on his second try, so that had to feel good. Andrew Luck is known for making comebacks late in games and he almost did it last night. However, the revved up defense the Broncos have on display proved to be equal to the task.
Denver did jump out to a 24-0 lead though, which is kind of sad considering that they had me thinking overtime when the Colts started to climb back into it. Denver GM John Elway spent over $100M to re-tool his defense and last night, they made him look good for it.
Manning however blamed himself, and his offense for not being able to shut down the Colts’ attack. “We’ve got to find a way to play all four quarters as an offense. Thank goodness the defense picked us up when the offense wasn’t doing their job quite as well.”
Had Indy capitalized on all of their red-zone opportunities last night, they would have destroyed Denver in front of their own crowd.
“It wasn’t the best win, but guess what, it was a great opener,” said DeMarcus Ware, who had 1 1/2 sacks in his Denver debut after franchise-high 117 in nine seasons in Dallas.
Luck brought the Colts within a touchdown when he found Hakeem Nicks for a 9-yard scoring strike with 3:26 remaining. And they got the ball back 28 seconds later after Denver went three-and-out.
Indy’s last drive for the tying TD stalled at midfield when rookie Bradley Roby broke up a fourth-and-6 pass to Reggie Wayne.
Julius Thomas made most of the noise for the hometown crowd, scoring three TDs. One was for 3-yards, another saw him scamper 35-yards and the third was a 5-yarder.
“I feel like it’s my responsibility to make big plays when my team needs it,” Thomas said. “Something I pride myself on is being ready for man coverage. It’s like backyard football with your little brother or cousins. I don’t believe you should be covered 1-on-1.”

Carolina 20 Tampa Bay 14
For the first time in a lot of years, Derek Anderson threw a touchdown pass! The former horrible Cleveland Brown QB who was stuck in a 3-way fight for starting quarterback with Charlie Frye and Brady Quinn, finally appears to be getting a chance. He had a good day yesterday for his new team, the Panthers, who obviously won a game without their big gun, Cam Newton.
Anderson also threw for 230 yards. Anderson is in his 10th year of pro and has appeared in just four games and threw the same number of passes over the previous 2 seasons playing behind Newton.
He finished the game 24-34 and did not get sacked.
“I’ve been through a lot of different things. I haven’t been out there in four years. Just to play a solid football game and get a win was big for me,” Anderson said.
The Buccaneers lost their debut with former Bears head coach Lovie Smith.

San Francisco 28 Dallas 17
Colin Kaepernick got the better of Tony Romo, scoring 21 points in the first quarter to start the season 1-0 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX.
Room pretty much gave this one away too, tossing three picks even though his defense shut down the Niners through the entire second half.
Colin K led SF to 80 yards in only three plays on their opening drive, shaking off a pretty rusty pre-season for SF.
SF scored 3 TDs in the first quarter alone while Dallas could only counter with a FG.

Atlanta 37, New Orleans 34 OT
In one of the many surprises on the day, the Falcons beat the Saints in overtime, thanks in part to nearly 450 yards throwing from QB Matt Ryan.
“He’s played a lot of games, made a lot of plays for us,” coach Mike Smith said. “But I was really impressed with his ability to extend some plays by moving around in the pocket. And he was very, very accurate. When you have (568 yards) of total offense and 448 through the air, your quarterback is playing well.”
Atlanta beat New Orleans for only the 4th time in 17 meetings.
Atlanta won on a 52-yard FG by Matt Bryant.

Minnesota 34, St. Louis 6
Minnesota scored points in each quarter and held St. Louis to only two FGs as the Vikes open the season 1-0. And they did it for the most part without the help of RB Adrian Peterson. Corradelle Patterson ran for 102 yards on only 3 carries, including a 67-yard scoring run.

Pittsburgh 30, Cleveland 27 ***
One of the biggest surprises on the day came at Heinz Field. Cleveland was in good position to ‘steel’ a win from Pittsburgh in the season opener for the first time possibly forever, but unfortunately for them, Pitt has one of the best quarterbacks in the game and he showed why.
Ben Roethlisberger put up 27 points in the first half before Cleveland responded with 24 in the second half after scoring a FG early in the game.
I don’t recall a Cle/Pitt season opener being this close before.
Still, in the end it was Roethlisberger doing what he always seems to do when he faces the Browns. Roethlisberger improved to 18-1 against Cleveland after one last audible set up Wheaton for a 20-yard gain.
Cleveland hasn’t beat Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh in 11 years.
Cleveland’s second-half rally came without receiver Josh Gordon (suspension), running back Ben Tate, who left in the second quarter with a knee injury, and tight end Jordan Cameron (shoulder).

Philly 34, Jacksonville 17
Jax opens up a 17-0 lead on Philly but that was not enough as the Eagles scored 34 unanswered points to win the game in the second half.
Nick Foles played quite the game, leading his team to 14 points in the 3rd and 20 in the 4th quarters. Foles also overcame three turnovers in the first half. He threw a 68-yard TD pass to Jeremy Maclin which gave them the lead.

Bills 23 Bears 20 OT
I don’t follow the Bills too closely but starting off the season with a win, to me, is a shock.

Bengals 23 Ravens 16
I do know that this is the second year in a row at least, that Baltimore loses their season opener, last year it was to the high-powered Broncos. Joe Flacco outthrew Andy Dalton, but not by much.

Texans 17 Redskins 6
All Houston needed was a 2-TD outbreak in the second quarter and that was enough to knock off Washington. RGIII was good with his pass attempts going 29-37 but could not score.

Titans 26 Chiefs 10
The Chiefs are not the team they were last year. Tennessee does not appear to have much in their favour this year but still had enough to get out to a 1-0 start.

Dolphins 33 Pats 20
One of the top surprises of the day, this has to rank as one of Tom Brady’s biggest embarrassments. He only threw 29 completions on 56 attempts.

Panthers 20 Buccaneers 14
Former Cleveland Browns reject QB Derek Anderson has been given new life in the NFL (last year sometime) and even though it happens to be under the same spotlight that Cam Newton gets, Anderson finally had his day in the sun when he got the start vs the Buccaneers as Newton has been nursing sore/broken ribs. For the first time in nearly 10 years, Anderson didn’t make any mistakes.

49ers 28 Cowboys 17
Finally this would be been the biggest disappointment of Week 1 had the score been reversed. SF had an 18-point lead in the first quarter before Dallas started to make their comeback, they cut the lead to 11 but no further.


2014 Season Preview Denver Broncos

Manning vs Luck
Broncos host Colts tonight at Mile High

JEFF Schneberk

Today is the start of the day where we can hopefully put the happenings of February 2 somewhere where we will never have to see it, read about it, or hear anything about it for good because now we finally have something to hopefully talk about that does not involve the Seahawks, or the Super Bowl.

Today is back-to-work day, which is fitting because only six days ago, it was back-to-school day for kids across the continent.

Today, actually, this evening, it is the first look at our Denver Broncos since that winter night, and we get to see how this revved up defense is going to fare in their first test of the season.

Now like most good reporters do, they give you all the stats and stuff from that memorable season when they begin writing previews like this, however I don’t want to do all that because quite frankly, nobody cares, and everybody already knows anyway.

For a team with a guy like Peyton Manning running the show, obviously not a lot needs to be done for the offense. The only real notable absence on tonight’s offense will be TE Wes Welker, who as far as I know, is going to be serving the first game of a four-game suspension for some kind of drug use. The drug type is something that starts with an ‘A’. The growing joke out of Denver is that Welker mistook whatever he took for some Advil. The guy is 33 years old, he is susceptible to headaches, I guess lol.

He will be back, as good as he was before, too.

All of the other pieces from the puzzle on offense remain intact. In fact, since most of these players will be playing tonight, the expectations for them have shot up.

There will be a fun competition this year to see who racks up the most touchdowns, between the two Thomases, Demayrius and Julius. And will Emmanuell Sanders will have a good chance to take Welker’s job away by the time he returns from suspension?

Will Ronnie Hillman be able to take advantage of more carries this season now that Knowshon Moreno is out? The last two seasons have not been kind to Hillman but now he has an opportunity to really show his stuff.

The defensive line and the secondary units, for the first time in ages, will be getting more of the spotlight than an offense led by Peyton Manning.

Manning could light it up for another seven TD passes like he did in last season’s opener vs the Ravens and he still wouldn’t get the press attention should the defense completely shut down Andrew Luck and the Colts tonight in Denver.

Imagine that!

It is going to be real interesting to see what DeMarcus Ware DE, Aqib Talib CB, TJ Ward S can do for the defense tonight and this season. I hope I am not forgetting anyone.

There is actually this new guy named Bradley Roby that they selected in April’s entry draft, in the first round. Roby had some interesting experiences in college from what I hear, but with Champ Bailey gone, and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie joining him, the opportunity for Roby (a former OSU Buckeye), could present itself, even as a starter, early too.

Denver no doubt will have at least a couple of tests in the first month. First it’s home to Indy tonight at 8:30pm EST. Then next week, it’s the Chiefs also at home, then it’s off to the west coast where they will play the Seahawks in Seattle. How many of you are relieved that the guys that work out the schedules for NFL teams did not put the Broncos in Seattle for the S’Hawks opener on Thursday night. That woulda been slightly brutal, although there is probably some rule that prevents Super Bowl opponents opening the season against each other.

Anyways, the only thing I do not like about the Broncos schedule this fall is that the bye week comes in Week 4. I don’t like that, not one bit. This team is like a super-charged little diesel engine. I don’t need a break from work most of the time and neither to these Broncos. Following the bye, they play Arizona, the Jets (hello Eric Decker), the 49ers and San Diego.

Denver plays once on a Thursday night (Oct. 23 vs SD) and they end the season on a Monday Night date in Cincinnati (Dec. 22).

Finally, what we do at the end of these writeup is talk about how many games we (Denver) is going to win, how many games we are going to lose, some writers even talk about the margin of victories. I say who cares about all of that. Sometimes I think it is good to lose a couple games because sometimes it makes you focus a little harder and work a bit smarter.

For this team, once again, it is a make-it-to-the-Super Bowl-type season because they/we already know they have what it takes to do it. Actually, now they have that added incentive to actually win the whole thing this time around, and I bet none of us ever thought they would have THAT kind of motivation!


Sports Stadium Nicknames

This morning on my way into my 3rd day on my newest sports job, I listened to a discussion on the radio station 107.9 in Hamilton talking about some of the nicknames for major North American sports stadiums. They didn’t mention much hockey or baseball, but the topic arose following the grand opening of the state-of-the-art facility right here in the wonderful city of Hamilton, Ont.

On Labour Day as most sports junkies already well know, it was decided that the Labour Day CFL game between Hamilton and Toronto would go ahead (as we all had hoped) right here in Steeltown.

The new facility is called Tim Hortons Field.

It officially replaces Ivor Wynne Stadium (speaking of which, Ivor Wynne’s nickname was I Never Wynne).

The radio station was apparently looking for appropriately-named funnystuff nicknames for Tim Hortons Field.

There were a bunch of them thrown around by the VJs, such as coffee time and coffee grind, but neither VJ seemed to approve of anything.

I then took it upon myself to come up with as many nicknames for as many stadiums on the entire continent of North America. Trying to cover all 4 of the major professional sports leagues, plus a few others that came to mind in the process.

Here is what I came up with, listed by the nickname of the stadium, the team that plays there, and the league they play in. Most of these are well known, and I came up with a bunch of them myself, including Tim Hortons Field:

Enjoy (and feel free to send me anything I am forgetting via Twitter or email)!:


AT&T Park San Francisco Giants (MLB)     the phone booth

Air Canada Centre Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL)       the hangar

United Centre Chicago Blackhawks (NHL)/Chicago Bulls (NBA)  the Madhouse on Madison

Tim Hortons Field Hamilton Tiger-Cats (CFL)        the Donut Shop

Lambeau Field Green Bay Packers (NFL)                 the cheese house/the Frozen Tundra

First Ontario Centre/Copps Coliseum Hamilton Bulldogs (AHL)   the Kennel

Amway Centre Orlando Solar Bears (ECHL)            the igloo

Mellon Arena Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL)                the igloo

Notre Dame Stadium Notre Dame Football team (NCAA)  God’s House or the House that Rockne Built

Michigan Stadium Michigan Wolverines      (NCAA)          The Big House

St. Pete Times Forum Tampa Bay Lighting (NHL)               the beach

American Airlines Arena  Miami Heat (NBA)                      the furnace

Staples Centre Los Angeles Clippers/Los Angeles Lakers (NBA)                           the barber shop

Rexall Place  Edmonton Oilers (NHL)                                  the Oil Rig

Pengrowth Saddledome Calgary Flames (NHL)                   the fire pitt

Sports Authority Field at Mile High Denver Broncos (NFL)           the rodeo

Gillette Stadium New England Patriots (NFL)                                 the battlefield

Lucas Oil Stadium Indianpolis Colts (NFL)                                      the ranch

FedEx Field Washington Redskins (NFL)                                         the reserve

Levi’s Stadium/Candlestick Park San Francisco 49ers (NFL)          the gold mine

Sun Life Stadium Miami Dolphins (NFL)                                        SeaWorld

FirstEnergy Stadium  Cleveland Browns (NFL)                               the dawg pound

New York Jets (NFL)                                                       the launch pad

Paul Brown Stadium Cincinnati Bengals (NFL)                               the jungle

Angel Stadium of Aneheim                                                  the Big A

Ben Hill Griffin Stadium Florida Gators (NCAA)                            the Swamp

BMO Field Toronto FC (MLS)                                                the quake on the lake

Carisbrook Stadium, Dunedin, New Zealand                                    the House of Pain

Heinz Field Pittsburgh Steelers         (NFL)                                      the mustard palace

HP Pavillion San Jose sharks (NHL)                                                 shark tank

Hubert h Humphrey Metrodome Minnesota Twins (MLB)              the thunderdome

Memorial Stadium Clemson University Clemson Tigers (NCAA)  death valley

Minute Maid Park Houston Astros (MLB)                                        the juice box

M&T Bank Stadium Baltimore Ravens (NFL)                                 the vault

And finally on the note of popular nicknames, Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback has just filed for a trademark to his newest nickname, ‘Johnny Cleveland’. This would go along with other popular nn’s for the football player which include ‘Johnny Football’ and Johnny Cleveland is the 10th trademark filed by the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner’s company. Earlier this year, he reached a resolution with an investment firm he was battling with for the Johnny Football mark, although it is still not registered with the USPTO. Manziel has since signed an endorsement deal with Nike, which has used the mark on T-shirts.

Other trademarks filed for include JFF, ManzIIiel and The House That Johnny Built, a reference to the newly renovated Kyle Field at Texas A&M that will be completed next season.

Manziel is still battling the family of his onetime confidant Nate Fitch over the trademark The House That Johnny Built. Fitch’s family and Manziel’s company separately filed for the mark, which the USPTO says would require Manziel’s permission.


knock knock you about to get shell shocked @TMNT2014 #TMNT2014

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and April o'Neill (Megan Fox).

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and April o’Neill (Megan Fox).

#TMNT2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie starring Megan Fox, Will Arnett, Whoopi Goldberg and a handful of nobodies.
I put this off for about a week, then when I found myself with a Friday all to myself and plenty of time to kill, I went for it. I actually had a brutal job interview that day and shortly after, wound up in a movie theatre.
Knock knock you about to get shell shocked.
The #TMNT2014 movie came out in theatres on Aug. 8. In about 19 days I have seen it three times. You should see it too. This is not some lame-ass, ridiculous portrayal of that Saturday morning cartoon from (whenever it started). I recall hearing about an original TMNT movie going back about 15 years or more. The only thing I now remember is that former rap icon Vanilla Ice was in it. For some people at the time, that was actually plenty of reason to want to see that movie.

#TMNT2014 blows that one to hell and back again.

According to, this movie got 51/2 out of 6 rating:

There is a version of #TMNT2014 in 3D. You will want to see this one.

This movie brings back memories of the Fall of the Foot Clan GameBoy video game from the early-mid 90s. There are a ton of references to the Foot Clan in this.

This movie was well worth the $10 admission price. I went into it not having a clue about anything about this movie, didn’t know the cast, didn’t know the storyline, did not even know how long it was. Now I want to go and see it over and over and over again.
Thank you very much Nickelodeon Films!
The masterpiece starts off with Megan Fox, playing a reporter with Channel 6 in New York City. She is an ambitious reporter. She starts to question someone who doesn’t reveal too much to her. Fox of course plays April O’Neill.

Fox stands out in this movie for a whole ton of reasons.

Megan Fox is beautiful, everybody knows that, that isn’t news. What is news is that in this movie she can actually act. That same cannot be said in other works she has done, such as Transformers and Jennifer’s body.

I don’t even really like her, but in #TMNT2014, she is beautiful. I have never been able to say that before. Not just her looks, she adds a whole lot to the film. There are several scenes where she is really really good (the chamber scene when she arrives to help, she is awesome). I have never seen her as an asset or strength in most of her previous movie roles, however in #TMNT2014, she is probably by far, the best character in the movie. In this movie, she is dating Will Arnett. Even in the movies, this should not happen.

Fox is also the most high-profile cast member. Goldberg, Arnett and William Fichtner come close but neither are anywhere near as impressive as she is. Johnny Knoxville’s name is in the credits for doing the voice of Leonardo (it is really hard to tell that it’s him). Fox is almost smoking hot in the final sequence of the movie, when she screams at The Shredder…wow!
Other notable cast inclusions are:

Whoopi Goldberg as Fox’s box at Channel 6 and Knoxville supposedly provides the voice for Leonardo.
This movie would have been easy to fuck up, really fuck up, but they didn’t. The first time I saw this was last Friday and during the scene of the wild goose change down snowy mountain, I remember thinking to myself that the only human being on the planet that could come up with this stuff is Michael Bay. There are some real Michael Bay-like action scenes in this movie. It is phenomenal. I didn’t know that #TMNT2014 was one of his projects but I sure as hell do now! It’s like he turns this whole thing from a little kid’s masterpiece into something pretty much suitable for the entire family. Even Shredder from the right angle looks a lot like Bumblebee from the Transformers. There is something in here for everyone. Megan Fox (for the boys and men lol), the turtles themselves (for the little kids and the guys who live like little kids lol), the action scenes which for the most part involve heavily-armed combat (for those of us that love it), it’s got a wicked storyline, most of it is pretty realistic (for those who enjoy trying to piece everything they just saw together, on the way home from the theatre  , it also has an amazing soundtrack. I have been meaning to tweet how much I love the piece put together by Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa. It’s called Shell Shocked and it’s awesome…..AND as if all of that beautiful stuff that I listed above is somehow not enough for you….you need to get your heads checked!! JK. You need to go and see this movie in 3D. You may feel like a dork wearing those 3D glasses that they give you at the door, but man that movie is awesome in 3D.

Here is a link to Shell Shocked:

The only part I thought was a bit off was in the chamber when 3 of the 4 turtles were losing blood and Donatello told April to activate the adrenaline, not sure why there would be an option for adrenaline on these machines, should have had a big red ‘power off’ button or something…one second the turtles are losing conscienceness, the next they are fully functioning again….didn’t really make sense to me.

The only other than that is unbelievable is that Will Arnett’s character is dating Megan Fox’s character…even in the movies that shouldn’t happen!

Even for a giant rat, Splinter was freaky looking.

The fight down the snowy mountain scene was a great action sequence.

Overall it is 2 thumbs up to the producers and the directors for turning this story into something worth watching.

After seeing this movie, you will be in the mood for pepperoni pizza, I sure was.
Also after seeing this movie, I realized one thing: the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are lying about their age!

Michaelangelo-wears the orange headband, and is the pizza-loving party animal
Leonardo-wears the purple headband, and is the leader of the group
Raphael-wears the red headband and is the asshole of the group
Donatello-wears the blue headband, is the nerd (genius) of the herd.


The Paradigm Shift @korn 2013


The Paradigm Shift. The Paradigm Shift.

The Paradigm Shift @korn 2013

Typical Korn CD with the added plus of a having a cool name.

I have been listening to Korn on and off since the day they released Follow the Leader. Typically, Korn releases albums with several tracks that I can’t stop listening to, a few that I cannot listen to, and some that can get you just hooked for years. Here is my track-by-track listing for each song on the Paradigm Shift disc, in order:

PREY FOR ME: every CD needs a track like this on it. Not just any old track but the lead/opening track. I remember during the recording of Metallica’s Black album, producer Bob Rock told his band that they needed that one song to start off the CD that would blow everybody away, kick some ass, and provide a reason to want to hear the rest of the…

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The Paradigm Shift @korn 2013

The Paradigm Shift.

The Paradigm Shift.

The Paradigm Shift @korn 2013

Typical Korn CD with the added plus of a having a cool name.

I have been listening to Korn on and off since the day they released Follow the Leader. Typically, Korn releases albums with several tracks that I can’t stop listening to, a few that I cannot listen to, and some that can get you just hooked for years. Here is my track-by-track listing for each song on the Paradigm Shift disc, in order:

PREY FOR ME: every CD needs a track like this on it. Not just any old track but the lead/opening track. I remember during the recording of Metallica’s Black album, producer Bob Rock told his band that they needed that one song to start off the CD that would blow everybody away, kick some ass, and provide a reason to want to hear the rest of the CD. Maybe the boys in Korn were listening in on that talk because that’s exactly what the leadoff track on the Paradigm Shift will do for you. It’s ass-kicking, in your face, heavy as hell headbanging type stuff and it rocks, big time. It’s one of those songs that might land you a speeding ticket if you are listening in your car or truck (especially when the chorus comes on), this one might put you into some debt  Hell even most of the words make sense. It would be an awesome song to open their concerts with. Truly makes you want to hear more. Interesting way of spelling ‘pray’ too, not the kind of praying that you do in church. Personally, the opening drum beats by new drum guy Ray Luzier, does it for me.

Jonathan Davis in action.

Jonathan Davis in action.

LOVE AND METH: the second track I think is a bit of a downer, one of those songs you listen to probably because your ears are still ringing from the first track (good thing), but Love and Meth didn’t do it for me (bad thing).

WHAT WE DO: Fortunately, the third track picks up where Prey for Me left off, it gets back to that traditional Korn style of heavy guitars. This is the first CD that sorta reunites guitar players Brian ‘Head’ Welch with James ‘Munky’ Shaffer. PS Welcome back Head! They are getting that groove back that they had about 8 years ago before Head left Korn for a whole ton of reasons. They are back playing together now. That is all that matters. Three minutes and nine seconds into the song, you will want to crank the stereo volume ALL THE WAY UP.

SPIKE IN MY VEINS: One Korn track that I could tell was a Korn track simply by the name. not sure who came up with the title of the track but willing to bet that Jonathan Davis did.

Mass Hysteria: What I like about Mass Hysteria is that, like the opening track, this one wastes no time hitting you hard. And it manages to maintain that frantic pace through most of the song. I like it, it’s a really good track, hard and heavy and it hits hard, and another reminder that Head and Munky are playing together again. Name kinda reminds me of a certain Def Leppard CD too, which is a nice touch.

PARANOID AND AROUSED: the only thing I would like to know about Paranoid and Aroused is what were they on when they decided to name it Paranoid and Aroused? The guitar work 30 seconds into it is decent, but I think the only good thing about this song is that it preceeds one of the greatest Korn tracks I think I have ever heard.

NEVER NEVER: didn’t ever think that Korn would be able to produce something like this. This is one soft tune. If it wasn’t for Jonathan Davis’ voice, you would Never guess that it is in fact a Korn track. You can actually make out just about every word he sings. It is awesome. They should have won at least an MTV award or People’s Choice award for this song. It is one of the few songs that I ever listen to on repeat, over and over again. It’s right up there with Got the Life and Freak on a Leash. This is the kind of song you want to play when you leave for the cottage on the weekend, over and over and over again. It’s a soft song, but oh my it is good. the video is pretty good too! This will no doubt be one of their top-5 songs of all time, and this band has been recording for 20 years so there is some competition to make their list of top 5 songs. Korn has Metallica longevity. Not too many current acts have that.

PUNISHMENT TIME: every Korn CD has at least a couple songs I can’t listen to. Punishment Time is one them on this CD. It seems like they are going all over the place with this one instead of having one clear focus in mind.

LULLABY FOR A SADIST: they tone it down again here. This song would be the exact opposite of what they did with Prey For Me. Lullaby is like they did with Never Never, Davis’ vocals are doable and he’s got a little more melody in his voice in this one and that makes it a little easier to listen to. This is not the ideal song for the guitar fanatics out there.

VICTIMIZED: song is a bit of a crossover between heavy and soft, I’m not completely sold on it, like most of their music, they depend heavily on the guitar work, it is evident here, but it’s also like they couldn’t decide which way to go with it, again.

IT’S ALL WRONG: starts off on a heavy note, little reminiscent of what they did with Freak on a Leash, in terms of the guitar and bass.

Korn, from left: Fieldy, bass player; Ray Luzier, drummer; Jonathan Davis, lead singer; James Munky Shaffer, Brian Head Welch.

Korn, from left: Fieldy, bass player; Ray Luzier, drummer; Jonathan Davis, lead singer; James Munky Shaffer, Brian Head Welch.