Peyton Manning 2-0, no surprise this week

BY: JEFF Schneberk

Bears 28, San Francisco 20
We’ll start off with the last game on the schedule where arguably one of the big upsets of the day took place. The 49ers with their big-money quarterback and equally expensive new Levi’s Stadium took on the Chicago Bears. The bears have never been that great a team but they played well enough to win. SF quarterback Colin Kaepernick was not at his best. There is no reason why the niners should not be 2-0.

Houston 30, Oakland 14
Two teams that last season had abysmal records. You almost don’t know what to expect when they play against each other. I sure wouldn’t have guessed 44 points. Both teams go through QBs like McDonald’s goes through napkins. Between the 2 QBs, the top passing performer (David Carr) had more interceptions than touchdowns. The Texans lost their last 14 games last season, getting humiliated in most; have now started the new season at 2-0. Oakland had two fumbles on the exact same play, one right after the other; it was that kind of day for the Raiders. Houston led 27-0 heading into the final quarter.

Packers 31, Jets 24
Had the score been reversed, it may have been the league’s ultimate upset however Green Bay picked things up in the third quarter with 15 points to escape with the slim win, in what should have been a blowout win. New York would have tied the game after scoring a late touchdown to tie it at 31-31 however their offensive co-ordinator called for a timeout right before the snap and that negated the score. Not a great way to start off the week New York. Three team members insisted they didn’t know who called the time out. Both teams are now at 1-1.

Denver 24, Chiefs 17
Chiefs QB Alex Smith actually outthrew world-class QB counterpart Peyton Manning by 13 yards in this game but would not out score him. Manning had three touchdown passes in the game and the defense takes the rest of the credit for stopping KC on the goal line with .35 seconds left. Denver jumps to 2-0 on the season while KC falls to 0-2. This time last year, KC was at 2-0. Manning actually spent most of the game on the sidelines, Denver only had possession for 10 minutes in the second half.
The number one biggest game of the season will be next week when Denver goes to Seattle.

St. Louis 19, Tampa Bay 17
Kicker Greg Zuelien kicked his fourth field goal of the game which pushed the Rams to a two-point victory Sunday afternoon. QB Austin Davis recorded his first win as a starting QB.

Chargers 28 Seattle 21
If the 49ers losing to Chicago qualifies as an upset, which is does, than Seattle who blew everybody away last year, losing to the Chargers, that is definitely an upset. Seattle’s famed defense is not what it was last Sunday and sure as hell wasn’t what it was all of last year, and San Diego found ways to win. That included WR Antonio Gates scoring 2 majors and that kept the Seattle offense off the field for quite some time. Philip Rivers has thrown 65 touchdown passes to Antonio Gates, the most in the NFL between a QB and a tight end.
“I hadn’t seen him from the early days, but I can tell you he is a good tight end,” Kam Chancellor added. “First thing is he had a good quarterback. A quarterback that looks for him that knows him. They have that bond, that quarterback-tight end bond. And he is very crafty. He is a crafty tight end.” Chancellor is one of the members of Seattle’s Legion of Boom line.
San Diego also dominated the game in terms of time of possession….over 42 minutes with the football compared to less than 20 for the world champion Seahawks.

Bills 29, Dolphins 10
This is one of those games I would stay the hell away from ProLine for because there is never any way to determine who may come out on top. Two of the most unpredictable football teams I have ever seen collide, and you can only hope it will be somewhat entertaining. Both teams can be brutal at times to watch. Miami was held off the scoreboard for 3 of the 4 quarters while Buffalo put up points in each quarter. Sammy Watkins, Buffalo’s top draft pick in April, had a good outing, 8 receptions, 117 yards and a touchdown. The loss was actually a double-blow for the fish, who lost Knowshon Moreno, a big offseason addition from Denver, who hurt his elbow 11 minutes into the game. Head coach Joe Philbin had no update on Moreno at the end of the game. That can’t be good.

Redskins 41, Jags 10
The one and only time when a win does not feel like a win. Despite taking control of the game and winning it soundly, the Washington Redskins lost their quarterback (again) and they also saw WR DeSean Jackson injure his AC joint in his left shoulder in the first quarter.
Other than the 2 significant injuries, Washington dominated the entire game, scoring 21 points in the first 2 quarters and 20 in the final 2 quarters. Washington’s defense also had some fun, sacking Chad Henne 10 times, four of them were by Ryan Kerrigan.
Robert Griffin III has now suffered a major injury in four different seasons going back to his college days at Baylor.

Dallas 26, Tennessee 10
It is never too late to record your first win of the season and the way things normally go for the Dallas Cowboys, it could come at any time. For the good of their fan base it came yesterday in Week 2 action. Dallas avoided an 0-2 start thanks to a solid performance from DeMarco Murray as well as their defense.
“DeMarco ran really well,” Dallas coach Jason Garrett said. “He ran hard and he ran downhill. When you can do that, drive the football again, again and again and control the football and control the game it gives you a great chance to win.”
“Starting 0-2 is a very, very big hole you don’t want to be in,” Tony Romo said.
The Dallas defense had two sacks and two interceptions that led to 10 points.
Romo easily shook off his three interceptions in the season-opening loss to San Francisco. With Murray running so well, Romo was 19 of 29 for 176 yards and a TD.

Arizona 25, NY Giants 14
Arizona improves their record to 2-0 while the Giants drop to 0-2. Arizona managed to win the game without the services of their top QB Carson Palmer. The game was a one-score affair until the Cardinals kicked it up a notch and scored 15 unanswered points in the 4th quarter.
NY QB Eli Manning had 2 touchdown passes and 2 interceptions.

Patriots 30, Vikings 7
Adrian Peterson was not dressed for this game. That is reflected in the score of the game. Nobody on Minnesota’s side will admit that, but it is true, when your top player is not playing, you probably will lose. QB Matt Cassel threw 4 INTs, that did not help their case either. He had 202 yards but most of them probably went the wrong way.

Cleveland 26, New Orleans 24
Now the day that the Browns beat New Orleans is the day that pigs fly, the gas price drops for good, and I become a millionaire for my writing. None of those will ever happen but one of them actually did!!
Cleveland the heavy underdog beat New Orleans at home thanks to a last-second field goal from kicker Billy Cundiff. New Orleans drops to 0-2. Cleveland sits at 1-1.
For the first time in 10 years, Cleveland is 1-0 at home. Hoyer went 8 of 11 for 78 yards on the last drive and finished 24 of 40 for 204 yards and a TD. He came out for a few plays as Manziel, the hyped rookie, handed the ball off twice and had one incompletion.

Cincinnati 24, Atlanta 10
I would still take Atlanta over Cincy any day however yesterday was not the day to do that. Cincy exploded for 14 points in the third quarter to get the better of the more experience Atlanta Falcons.
Cincinnati’s biggest challenge was to shut down Matt Ryan, coming off the best game of his career. Ryan threw for a club-record 448 yards and three touchdowns in an opening 37-34 overtime win over the Saints.
The Bengals’ blitzing defense got to him. Ryan was 24 of 44 for 231 yards with one touchdown and three interceptions, one of which set up Hill’s 1-yard touchdown run for a 24-3 lead in the third quarter.

Carolina 24, Detroit 7
Cam Newton showed he has no intention of changing the way he plays the game.
The fourth-year quarterback shook off some early rust and returned to his fearless style of play, helping Carolina defeat the Lions 24-7 on Sunday, capping a distraction-filled week for the Panthers.
In his first start since fracturing his ribs in a preseason game, Newton threw for 281 yards and a touchdown and ran for 19 yards on four carries, He helped the Panthers improve to 2-0 for the first time since 2008 and grab sole possession of first place in the NFC South.
“I felt like I was getting antsy early on and that comes from a lack of playing time,” Newton said. “… I was getting my feet back under me and as the game went on I started feeling more comfortable and it showed.”


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