2014 Season Preview Denver Broncos

Manning vs Luck
Broncos host Colts tonight at Mile High

JEFF Schneberk

Today is the start of the day where we can hopefully put the happenings of February 2 somewhere where we will never have to see it, read about it, or hear anything about it for good because now we finally have something to hopefully talk about that does not involve the Seahawks, or the Super Bowl.

Today is back-to-work day, which is fitting because only six days ago, it was back-to-school day for kids across the continent.

Today, actually, this evening, it is the first look at our Denver Broncos since that winter night, and we get to see how this revved up defense is going to fare in their first test of the season.

Now like most good reporters do, they give you all the stats and stuff from that memorable season when they begin writing previews like this, however I don’t want to do all that because quite frankly, nobody cares, and everybody already knows anyway.

For a team with a guy like Peyton Manning running the show, obviously not a lot needs to be done for the offense. The only real notable absence on tonight’s offense will be TE Wes Welker, who as far as I know, is going to be serving the first game of a four-game suspension for some kind of drug use. The drug type is something that starts with an ‘A’. The growing joke out of Denver is that Welker mistook whatever he took for some Advil. The guy is 33 years old, he is susceptible to headaches, I guess lol.

He will be back, as good as he was before, too.

All of the other pieces from the puzzle on offense remain intact. In fact, since most of these players will be playing tonight, the expectations for them have shot up.

There will be a fun competition this year to see who racks up the most touchdowns, between the two Thomases, Demayrius and Julius. And will Emmanuell Sanders will have a good chance to take Welker’s job away by the time he returns from suspension?

Will Ronnie Hillman be able to take advantage of more carries this season now that Knowshon Moreno is out? The last two seasons have not been kind to Hillman but now he has an opportunity to really show his stuff.

The defensive line and the secondary units, for the first time in ages, will be getting more of the spotlight than an offense led by Peyton Manning.

Manning could light it up for another seven TD passes like he did in last season’s opener vs the Ravens and he still wouldn’t get the press attention should the defense completely shut down Andrew Luck and the Colts tonight in Denver.

Imagine that!

It is going to be real interesting to see what DeMarcus Ware DE, Aqib Talib CB, TJ Ward S can do for the defense tonight and this season. I hope I am not forgetting anyone.

There is actually this new guy named Bradley Roby that they selected in April’s entry draft, in the first round. Roby had some interesting experiences in college from what I hear, but with Champ Bailey gone, and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie joining him, the opportunity for Roby (a former OSU Buckeye), could present itself, even as a starter, early too.

Denver no doubt will have at least a couple of tests in the first month. First it’s home to Indy tonight at 8:30pm EST. Then next week, it’s the Chiefs also at home, then it’s off to the west coast where they will play the Seahawks in Seattle. How many of you are relieved that the guys that work out the schedules for NFL teams did not put the Broncos in Seattle for the S’Hawks opener on Thursday night. That woulda been slightly brutal, although there is probably some rule that prevents Super Bowl opponents opening the season against each other.

Anyways, the only thing I do not like about the Broncos schedule this fall is that the bye week comes in Week 4. I don’t like that, not one bit. This team is like a super-charged little diesel engine. I don’t need a break from work most of the time and neither to these Broncos. Following the bye, they play Arizona, the Jets (hello Eric Decker), the 49ers and San Diego.

Denver plays once on a Thursday night (Oct. 23 vs SD) and they end the season on a Monday Night date in Cincinnati (Dec. 22).

Finally, what we do at the end of these writeup is talk about how many games we (Denver) is going to win, how many games we are going to lose, some writers even talk about the margin of victories. I say who cares about all of that. Sometimes I think it is good to lose a couple games because sometimes it makes you focus a little harder and work a bit smarter.

For this team, once again, it is a make-it-to-the-Super Bowl-type season because they/we already know they have what it takes to do it. Actually, now they have that added incentive to actually win the whole thing this time around, and I bet none of us ever thought they would have THAT kind of motivation!



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