The Paradigm Shift @korn 2013

The Paradigm Shift.

The Paradigm Shift.

The Paradigm Shift @korn 2013

Typical Korn CD with the added plus of a having a cool name.

I have been listening to Korn on and off since the day they released Follow the Leader. Typically, Korn releases albums with several tracks that I can’t stop listening to, a few that I cannot listen to, and some that can get you just hooked for years. Here is my track-by-track listing for each song on the Paradigm Shift disc, in order:

PREY FOR ME: every CD needs a track like this on it. Not just any old track but the lead/opening track. I remember during the recording of Metallica’s Black album, producer Bob Rock told his band that they needed that one song to start off the CD that would blow everybody away, kick some ass, and provide a reason to want to hear the rest of the CD. Maybe the boys in Korn were listening in on that talk because that’s exactly what the leadoff track on the Paradigm Shift will do for you. It’s ass-kicking, in your face, heavy as hell headbanging type stuff and it rocks, big time. It’s one of those songs that might land you a speeding ticket if you are listening in your car or truck (especially when the chorus comes on), this one might put you into some debt  Hell even most of the words make sense. It would be an awesome song to open their concerts with. Truly makes you want to hear more. Interesting way of spelling ‘pray’ too, not the kind of praying that you do in church. Personally, the opening drum beats by new drum guy Ray Luzier, does it for me.

Jonathan Davis in action.

Jonathan Davis in action.

LOVE AND METH: the second track I think is a bit of a downer, one of those songs you listen to probably because your ears are still ringing from the first track (good thing), but Love and Meth didn’t do it for me (bad thing).

WHAT WE DO: Fortunately, the third track picks up where Prey for Me left off, it gets back to that traditional Korn style of heavy guitars. This is the first CD that sorta reunites guitar players Brian ‘Head’ Welch with James ‘Munky’ Shaffer. PS Welcome back Head! They are getting that groove back that they had about 8 years ago before Head left Korn for a whole ton of reasons. They are back playing together now. That is all that matters. Three minutes and nine seconds into the song, you will want to crank the stereo volume ALL THE WAY UP.

SPIKE IN MY VEINS: One Korn track that I could tell was a Korn track simply by the name. not sure who came up with the title of the track but willing to bet that Jonathan Davis did.

Mass Hysteria: What I like about Mass Hysteria is that, like the opening track, this one wastes no time hitting you hard. And it manages to maintain that frantic pace through most of the song. I like it, it’s a really good track, hard and heavy and it hits hard, and another reminder that Head and Munky are playing together again. Name kinda reminds me of a certain Def Leppard CD too, which is a nice touch.

PARANOID AND AROUSED: the only thing I would like to know about Paranoid and Aroused is what were they on when they decided to name it Paranoid and Aroused? The guitar work 30 seconds into it is decent, but I think the only good thing about this song is that it preceeds one of the greatest Korn tracks I think I have ever heard.

NEVER NEVER: didn’t ever think that Korn would be able to produce something like this. This is one soft tune. If it wasn’t for Jonathan Davis’ voice, you would Never guess that it is in fact a Korn track. You can actually make out just about every word he sings. It is awesome. They should have won at least an MTV award or People’s Choice award for this song. It is one of the few songs that I ever listen to on repeat, over and over again. It’s right up there with Got the Life and Freak on a Leash. This is the kind of song you want to play when you leave for the cottage on the weekend, over and over and over again. It’s a soft song, but oh my it is good. the video is pretty good too! This will no doubt be one of their top-5 songs of all time, and this band has been recording for 20 years so there is some competition to make their list of top 5 songs. Korn has Metallica longevity. Not too many current acts have that.

PUNISHMENT TIME: every Korn CD has at least a couple songs I can’t listen to. Punishment Time is one them on this CD. It seems like they are going all over the place with this one instead of having one clear focus in mind.

LULLABY FOR A SADIST: they tone it down again here. This song would be the exact opposite of what they did with Prey For Me. Lullaby is like they did with Never Never, Davis’ vocals are doable and he’s got a little more melody in his voice in this one and that makes it a little easier to listen to. This is not the ideal song for the guitar fanatics out there.

VICTIMIZED: song is a bit of a crossover between heavy and soft, I’m not completely sold on it, like most of their music, they depend heavily on the guitar work, it is evident here, but it’s also like they couldn’t decide which way to go with it, again.

IT’S ALL WRONG: starts off on a heavy note, little reminiscent of what they did with Freak on a Leash, in terms of the guitar and bass.

Korn, from left: Fieldy, bass player; Ray Luzier, drummer; Jonathan Davis, lead singer; James Munky Shaffer, Brian Head Welch.

Korn, from left: Fieldy, bass player; Ray Luzier, drummer; Jonathan Davis, lead singer; James Munky Shaffer, Brian Head Welch.



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