World Tournament is a Messed Up Version of the Olympics

EDMONTON, ALTA.: DECEMBER, 25, 2011: —Edmonton Welcomes the World —Team Canada for the 2012 IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship pose for a team photo before their practice skate at Rexall Place in Edmonton on December 25, 2011. (Ryan Jackson / Edmon
No Canada.
No Slovakia.

Instead we have all of the teams that did not do a damn thing in Russia in February. Namely the Olympic hosts, team Russia, loaded with all of the talent that they are loaded with, Ovechkin, newly joined Malkin, Kulemin and a whole whack of others. This same team that could not beat France in the Olympics is now 2 wins away from the WHC gold.

What else do we have here?

There is no USA here anymore. They just lost. The same day that Team Canada couldn’t get by Finland for crying out loud. Now all of us Leaf fans (and even some of the haters) can’t blame this on James Reimer even if we tried. Why? Because he wasn’t in net for the last game. Despite having completely re-done rosters as compared to the teams that played in the Olympics, this(our) nation is still at least expected to get by the Fins. I think that Canada was pretty much playing from behind all tournament long. Need we remind everyone that it did not get off to the greatest start either, losing to France?!?

So now the bracket for the World Hockey Championships looks pretty much opposite of what it looked like in the Olympics. The semi finals which are set for tomorrow look like this: Sweden vs Russis, and Finland vs Czech Republic.

On top of that, Russia is playing the way everyone knew they could play. Most analysts say they haven’t even reached their peak yet. I heard that they are the only team with a perfect 7-0 record. And Sergei Bobrovsky is the kind of goalie you can have some success with. Or who knows? Maybe it is simply the coaching…


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