Ups and Downs of Bronco 2014 Schedule

Four preseason games:
San Fran

The only thing different here that I can see from last year is the last two teams. St Louis and Arizona are the new teams on the preseason schedule this year. Denver played Seattle and SF last year.

Sept 7 vs Indianapolis: lost Manning’s return there last year. Why not open this season with a possible huge bang. Manning has to win this one though.

Sept. 14 vs Kansas City: won both games last year, spoiled their perfect record too.

*Sept 21 @ Seattle: If Seattle can win this one too, and keep in mind that they absolutely destroyed Denver in both of their games last year, then maybe there is something wrong with this team, this game should be interesting b/c they did not play last year in the regular season, once in the preseason and again in the super bowl.

Sept. 28 BYE last year Broncos’ bye week was smack dab in the middle of the season, not sure if there is an advantage either way. Football players only do their thing once, maybe twice, per week!

*Oct. 5 Arizona: will be among the new faces on the schedule, not sure what Arizona has going for them. They do have at least one top WR in Michael Floyd

*Oct. 12 @New York Jets: second straight game against an opponent not on last year’s schedule, first game against Decker on his new team, I wonder who will come out on top in this one

*Oct. 19 San Francisco: Manning vs Kaepernick better be good, they played in 2013’s preseason and it was boring

Oct. 22 (Thursday) San Diego: with Philip Rivers getting up there just like Manning (age), this could be one of the last games between the two QBs. Manning in no doubt the better player, but Rivers always puts him to the test. Big time. Last year’s AFC division game??? As well this will also be a matchup we didn’t see in last year’s regular season,

Nov. 2 @New England: put Tom Brady right up there with Rivers on the list of QBs that challenge Peyton Manning to the utmost. These games usually wind up being better than the Super Bowl (last year for damn sure).

Nov. 9 @Oakland: the Oakland Raiders played Denver twice last year. Denver won both games. This year I don’t see things getting any better for the Raiders, having basically swapped a QB who can play in Terrelle Pryor for someone who hasn’t yet, in Matt Schaub.

*Nov. 16 @St. Louis: another new matchup on the schedule, I don’t think there is much to be worried about here, St. Louis was the Super Bowl champion about 12 years ago, that seems like it will be it for them for awhile

*Nov. 23 Miami: After what happened with the Dolphins in the middle of last season is probably still going to find some way of affecting the way the team plays for this year, I see nothing good here

Nov. 30 @Kansas City:

*Dec. 7 Buffalo: The Bills were one of the few teams that have actually helped themselves lately. They have a good QB in EJ Manual, and they helped themselves a little more when they took WR Sammy Watkins out of Clemson. I think this kid will test whoever happens to be playing Safety or Cornerback for Denver that day.

Dec. 14 @San Diego: Another matchup against Rivers and the Chargers. I take my previous statements regarding Rivers vs Manning and stick them right here!

*Dec. 22 @Cincinnati: Cincy is on the rise too, they just haven’t done much more than earn a playoff spot, yet. They played strong enough all of last season, will definitely challenge Pittsburgh for the AFC North, at some point we may be considering Cleveland in there too if the team doesn’t destroy Johnny Manziel before someone else’s defense does. Let’s wait and see.

Dec. 22 Oakland: Denver wins. I say by at least 20.

Key omissions from last year’s schedule. I know each and every season the NFL tries to change up the schedule for most of its teams, but here is who was on last year and is off the Bronco schedule this year: Ravens, Giants, Eagles, Cowboys, Jaguars, Redskins and the Texans.


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