Uh oh Habs, What Are You Going to do Now?

The one team that has never been down 2 games is now down by two

With a different goalie in net, the same result was achieved: a loss. For only the second time in this post season, Canada’s so-called ‘team’ is now in a bit of trouble. They are on their way to New York City where they will no doubt have to find a way to turn things around and win at least one game. With Dustin Tokarski taking over for Carey Price, who we have all been led to believe is out with an ‘injury’, Michel Therrien went with a guy who has only played 10 career games in the National Hockey League.

That may have been enough to completely throw just about any other team off of their game but apparently not this team. Montreal came out on fire for about half of the first period and got rewarded with the game’s opening goal, coming courtesy of one of their American players, Max Pacioretty.

Personally I still blame Saturday’s 7-2 loss on the early start, nobody likes these games, they suck. Players probably hate getting up for them, and most of us fans despise getting out of bed for them. What happens when you try to play hockey when you’re half asleep? You lose. Everybody seems to want to blame the loss on the Habs coming off a huge Game 7 victory in Boston. That’s nuts. Winning huge games like that one should make you want to get right back at it. On Saturday afternoon, Montreal played like they just woke up, then Carey Price got hurt, and they got killed out there, not necessarily because of the injury, moreso nobody played well (even though they scored more goals on Saturday afternoon than they did tonight).

Anyways next game goes Thursday night, back to the regular 7:30pm time slot, then Sunday’s game, which could be a real nerve-wracker for Habs fans everywhere, could be the night the lights go out. For the record tonight, Montreal wasn’t half dead all night long, they did manage over 40 shots on Henrik Lundqvist, but this team needs to crease-crash Lundqvist in Thursday if they have any hope of coming back home for a 5th game.

Over in the Western Conference, so far I am a happy boy. The Blackhawks took care of business on Sunday afternoon (hopefully that will be the last afternoon game of these playoffs-damn US TV networks giving priority to god damn horseraces). Chicago took it to LA 3-1 and Corey Crawford was an absolute superhuman. Jonathan Toews was no slouch each, scoring two goals including the one that put the Kings away late in the third period.

With the East final off for 2 days, the West final is too so no games to watch on Tuesday night. The Heat are in Banker’s Fieldhouse tomorrow night for Game 2 of the NBA East final. Go Pacers.


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