Habs Fans Can Only Pray Right Now

Carey Price and Co., have a lot of people concerned right now. Nobody knows if he will be in goal for Game 2 tomorrow.

Carey Price and Co., have a lot of people concerned right now. Nobody knows if he will be in goal for Game 2 tomorrow.

BY: Jeff Schneberk

Well the Stanley Cup playoffs round number 3 is now just underway. The Eastern Conference final has played its first game, and the Western Conference first game is literally just getting underway.

The Western final is not a huge surprise: LA and Chicago

The East final is a surprise: Montreal and NY Rangers

The head-to-head season series between NY and Montreal could not be more even, each of their three games were decided by only one goal, two of them went into overtime. The loser of the three games was shutout each time.
Now the two teams get to face each other when the games actually mean something: in the Stanley Cup playoffs.
Montreal had arguably the harder test to get here, they played Tampa Bay in the opening round who didn’t put up much of a fight, then they had last year’s Stanley Cup finalist, and they were a much harder opponent. NY had Philadelphia in round one, then won three straight games against Pittsburgh to advance, and also triggered the release of Pens GM Ray Shero; in fact they even had most of us believing that head coach Dan Bylsma was on his way out too, however he made the cut (somehow).

Anyways, Game 1 between the Habs and NY Rangers was held on Saturday afternoon, yes that is right, Saturday afternoon. For some bullshit reason the NHL couldn’t get the game started at night due to some stupid-ass horse race. Apparently the NHL had no say in the matter so they had to go along with it. Good job guys, you fucked this one up good.

So Game 2 returns to its normal time slot (thank God). That will go tomorrow night (Monday) back at the Bell Centre. Now the big question is what is going to happen to Habs goaltender Carey Price. He left the game in the second period with his team down, but not before Ranger winger Chris Kreider ran over Price “accidentally” and Price was not the same after that.

The Canadiens’ coaching staff is keeping quiet on their star goalie’s status for tomorrow night. Here is the http://www.cbc.ca report:




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