This is my favourite photo from the NHL post season so far. That Boston fan behind the glass cracks me up. I have a picture from Game 7 last year with Phil Kessel celebrating and a Boston fan with a ver similar look on his face. Haha priceless.

This is my favourite photo from the NHL post season so far. That Boston fan behind the glass cracks me up. I have a picture from Game 7 last year with Phil Kessel celebrating and a Boston fan with a ver similar look on his face. Haha priceless.

Canadiens down Bruins to win series

The Canadiens easily pulled off what one team could not do.

And they did one hell of a job of it too. I don’t know how they did it.

Now they have at least another full year of ammo to use on us. I still don’t know how they did it.

Yes, the Canadiens now have something else that the Toronto Maple Leafs do not have (because a ton of Cups!). I don’t know how they did it.

Tonight, the (Les) Canadiens did what seemed like the undoable, at least to guys like me. They built up a lead, in a Game 7, against what we all thought was a very formidable opponent. I just don’t know how they did it.

And they did not give it up. Still don’t know how they did it.

The Canadiens played like beasts. Don’t know.

The Bruins played like they didn’t know what the hell they were doing. I find that weird

Montreal played well against Boston and Boston did not.
Last year Toronto played well for a little less than 3 full periods, Boston was bad, but woke up late.

I hate thinking back to that brutal night last May but every since my mom’s favourite team met them in the conference semi finals this year, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it, so I’m going to try writing about it, see if this works.

Last year, the Toronto Maple Leafs did what nobody (including myself) thought they could do; they forced the formidable Boston Bruins to Game 7. By the middle of the third period, Leafs had built up a 4-1 lead. They skated in cruise control for most of the period. Then we all know what happened.
Boston then EASILY skated past their next two opponents, and when I say easily I mean they lost one game, I think, against the New York Rangers. Boston then advanced to the Stanley Cup final. That was when they took on the only other team in their run that challenged them the way my Leafs did. Bruins nearly forced a Game 7, then Blackhawks made like thieves and robbed them right in front of their own fans, with about two minutes left and that was it.

And now this year, more specifically a couple hours ago, the only other team in the entire NHL that gets as much attention as my Leafs, also challenged basically these same Big Bad Bruins.

I really saw it coming…a big bad comeback. It did not happen. If Toronto was in cruise control in the third period last year then these Canadiens were in motherfucking overdrive. Montreal also proved that Tuuka Rask is nowhere near as good as everybody seems to think he was, interestingly enough, people only thought he was an all-star type netminder after the Toronto series last year.

Max Pacioretty scored the winner midway through the second period and Carey Price stopped 29 shots.
The Canadiens started fast and then stymied the Bruins, winners of the Presidents’ Trophy for the best regular-season record, to advance to the Eastern Conference final against the New York Rangers.

“It’s definitely a special team and if we didn’t know it before the playoffs, we definitely know it now,” said Pacioretty.

Dale Weise and Daniel Briere, with a late power-play goal, also scored for Montreal.

Jarome Iginla’s goal, which cut the Canadiens’ lead to 2-1 with 2:08 remaining in the second, set the scene for a dramatic third period. The black and gold faithful hoped for yet another Bruins comeback.
Boston came on but the Canadiens held fast and Price, improving his record in elimination games in 2014 to 5-0 including the Olympics, was rock-solid with a disciplined team defending in front of him.
Montreal killed off a late interference penalty to Andrei Markov — and a 6-on-4 Boston opportunity — to seal the win.

The game drew two sellouts: 17,565 at TD Garden and some 21,000 at the Bell Centre, where fans paid $10 to watch the game on the video scoreboard with proceeds going to charity.
The Canadiens finished the regular season 17 points and eight places below the Bruins. But speedy Montreal, which had five wins and five losses in the 10 previous regular-season and playoff games in 2013-14 between the two, proved to be a handful all year for Boston.

Yet the series was like rolling a boulder uphill for the Bruins, who rarely got their game going against Montreal. Boston coach Claude Julien had said Game 7s deserved your best. The Bruins failed to deliver for much of the night.

The series has been a roller-coaster ride with no shortage of subplots, most of which involved P.K. Subban whose star continues to grow. When he wasn’t firing bullets from the blue-line or skating circles, the flamboyant Canadiens defenceman was dodging water aimed his way from the Boston bench and dealing with racism on social media.

Subban embraced the attention and found himself in the spotlight again ahead of Game 7 when he pointed to the crowd, noise and energy in Boston’s TD Garden before saying: “I can’t wait to take that all away from them.”

The series was the 34th between the Bruins and Canadiens and marked the ninth time — a record in North American pro sports — that a Game 7 was required. Montreal held a 5-3 advantage in the eight prior Game 7s, but the teams had split the six such deciders in Boston.
The Bruins had the last laugh last time out, with Nathan Horton scoring at 5:43 of overtime to give Boston a 4-3 victory in the 2011 Eastern Conference quarter-finals. Boston went on to win the Stanley Cup.

Montreal held a 24-9 advantage in the playoff meetings between the two but Boston had won six of the last nine.


-can’t say it enough, Montreal did what Toronto could not

-starting to wonder what Therrien might look like behind the Leafs’ bench

-if Montreal is as hard a market to play in in NHL hockey, and they did what Toronto could not do, then how much better is Montreal than Toronto?

-at this point I think the Cup is up for grabs

-for all you Leaf fans out there, assuming you don’t want Montreal in the finals, what do you think of a Chicago/NY Ranger Stanley Cup

-I am betting that PK Subban will be the X factor against NY.


Montreal vs NY Rangers
Chicago vs Kings or at Anaheim

The Canadians won the game playing the kind of hockey that wins championships



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