The Great 8 Kicked off Tonite!

Thank you to Mr. P.K. Subban, I scored points in my fantasy draft tonight!

Thank you to Mr. P.K. Subban, I scored points in my fantasy draft tonight!

NHL Playoffs down to 8 teams, action started tonight

Watching the opening night of the second round of the 2014 Stanley Cup playoffs tonight, and there was only one thing on my mind for at least the first two periods:
One of the teams that was playing tonight was also playing last year against my team, and my team took them (and everybody else) on one hell of a ride.

This very night last year, (May 1, 2013) it was the Maple Leafs in Boston to play the top-ranked Bruins.

Tonight, it was Canada’ s other team, the Montreal canadiens in Boston to open their playoff series against virtually the same top-ranked Bruins.

While watching the game tonight, I could not stop thinking about the similarities between the two games, this year’s and last.

-As I put this together, I’ve got one more…the winning team scored four goals.

-The other big similarity was the visiting team (Montreal tonight) and Toronto last year, both teams received standout goaltending from Carey Price and James Reimer.

-And both visiting teams opened the scoring (PK Subban tonight/James van Riemsdyk last year)
Tonight, Montreal opened the scoring, twice, carried leads of 2-0 and 3-1, and the game still wound up going into two overtime periods. Wow. This series is going to be racking up the periods that is almost a sure bet. Once JVR scored last year, the remainder of the Leafs’ offense watched the Bs skate circles around everybody but Reimer.

Last year’s series did too, but Game 1 finished in a 4-1 Boston win.

The Leafs were also badly murdered in the shots department, to a tune of 40-20.
Tonight, Montreal had 10 shots in the first period alone.


-the biggest difference of course was the final score, Montreal pounded out four goals the last of which took an extra period-and-a-half to finally score.

-Boston was forced to come from behind all night long. It seems that when this team decides they feel like scoring goals, they do that, and they usually come in bunches. Now didn’t we all see that shit last year in a particular Game 7.

-these Bruins are definitely not used to finding themselves trailing. Including last year’s run, the Bs have only trailed once in a post season series. They had Toronto down 3-1 last year before they absolutely steamrolled the Pens, Rangers and the Red Wings in this year’s opening round.

-both of these team’s had more rest that those in the unemployment line (from work). Following their 4-game roll over the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Habs were more than ready for the big bad Bs. Their last game was played on April 22.
Boston’s last game was 4 days later when they kicked Detroit’s ass in 5 games, with a 4-2 win.

-and finally, game number 2 in this year’s tilt between Mtl/Bos, is currently scheduled for a 12:30pm! Does the NHL not realize that a lot of us in these parts can’t handle getting up that early? We barely get up in time to get to work in the morning, nevermind the hockey game! Games during the season aired on @nbc are particulary brutal. After the @cbc HNIC doubleheader (sometimes triple header) we don’t do well with hockey at noon hour! Here is hoping that the early game time doesn’t screw with the players’ psyche too much!


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