After tonight's dismal showing, here is the #SJSharks new logo lol

After tonight’s dismal showing, here is the #SJSharks new logo lol


Well the first night of Game 7s in this year’s opening round of the Stanley Cup playoffs, and I am fairly disappointed that I went 0-3 in my predictions tonight. Maybe I need a new sport!

The only word I have for tonight is this: disappointing.

Actually it was a massive disappointment, none of the teams I picked to win, actually won. One of them was brutal, the other was in overtime, and the first game of the night, my team didn’t even really show up to play.

The Kings, Rangers and Wild all won tonight. The Wild went into overtime before Nino Neiderreiter won it less than 10 minutes in.

Two of the three winning teams tonite were the visiting teams. Los Angeles won in San Jose and Minnesota won in the Colorado mountains.

New York was the only team to actually take advantage of playing on their home ice.
The biggest difference for me personally is that, as a hockey fan, there is going to be far less games to watch each night, with the field getting chopped down in half, from 16 teams to 8 teams.
When we started watching all the action on April 16, there were four games on that night. Over the past 13-14 nights, there have been a ton of nights with 3-4 games on. Every morning when I woke up, at some point during the first hour I was awake, I would be reminded somehow that there was 1-2-3 hockey games on that night. Not anymore!

Tomorrow night the Eastern semis start with Boston playing Montreal

I’m almost relieved that the first round is finally done. I am actually so sick and tired of watching Anaheim play Dallas and even Chicago play StL.

New York Rangers 2, Philly 1           NYR win series 4-3            Next game: at Pitt

As it turned out, this was the lowest-scoring game, that had the fewest chances. All NY had to do in order to win was not make any mistakes. Flyers barely even showed up to play. I had hoped that an all-Pennsylvania second round would have been sweet, Flyers at Pens but apparently the Flyers didn’t see it that way. Dan Carcillo scored the game’s opening goal (when is the last time that happened?).

Minnesota 5 Colorado 4 OT             Minn wins series 4-3        Next game: at Chi
Tons of goals, and some overtime delivers the Minny Wild to the second round over the favoured and younger Avalanche. Spurgeon scored with 2:24 left in the third period to force OT for the Wild then Swiss sensation Nino Neiderreiter scored so fast in the OT that nobody even knew the puck went in except for him.
This game for me was the upset of the night, I don’t know too many ppl that would have taken the underdog Wild to take out the top-ranked Avs.

oh shucks

Los Angeles 5 San Jose 1                LA wins 4-3                       Next game: at Ducks
Absolutely brutal effort and showing for the Sharkies. They looked more off than a broken record, a few of them may have actually been drunk pre game, passes were off the mark, nobody knew where anyone else was going to be, they tried to go for the pretty play every single time. And the few times they did smother Jonathan Quick, he was on top of everything all night long.

First round matchups
Montreal vs tampa bay
New York vs Philadelphia
Pittsburgh vs Columbus
Detroit vs boston

Anaheim vs dallas
Chicago vs st. Louis
Colorado vs Minnesota
San jose vs los angeles

Second round matchups
Montreal at Boston
NYR at Pittsburgh
Chicago vs Minnesota
Kings at Ducks

Bye bye Sharks, Philly and Avalanche

Bye bye Sharks, Philly and Avalanche



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