Day 13 NHL Hockey Playoffs

The San Jose Sharks were embarrassed tonight at the Staples Centre. Thank goodness they were not playing at home. Of course, now they will be, in Game 7. SJ had a 3-0 series lead and now they are going to the limit.

The San Jose Sharks were embarrassed tonight at the Staples Centre. Thank goodness they were not playing at home. Of course, now they will be, in Game 7. SJ had a 3-0 series lead and now they are going to the limit.

Well those of us who have sat through collapses of massive proportions (All of LeafsNation), we nearly sat through not one, but two more of them this evening.

Pittsburgh nearly blew their series with Columbus but hung on for DEAR life in the final minute…and the San Jose Sharks are showing everyone that maybe they do not want to advance to the second round after all, after taking a 3-0 series lead vs the Los Angeles Kings and now both teams will lock horns in a Game number 7 on Wednesday evening at the SAP Centre in San Jose.

Wow am I ever glad that I am not a SJ Sharks fan! Wow do they ever suck. I think they have given up mentally. Do they even have enough time to re-group for the biggest game of the season (which they shouldn’t even have to play considering that they were just up 3-0)?

Coach Todd McLellan switched goaltenders, and it worked for most of the game but the Kings turned the heat up a notch with under 10 minutes left in the game and Anze Kopitar scored the eventual winner, then they added two more strikes and it was lights out Sharks, then Sharks captain Joe Thornton got attacked by Kings keeper Jonathan Quick and Logan Couture got in a fight with Mike Richards and I don’t think these Sharks have anything left.

And which goalie does McLellan go with for the winner-take-all game?

Los Angeles 4 San Jose 1             Series tied 3-3               Next game: Wed Game 7
It’s series like this where I am glad to be a Canadian hockey fan. I hate LA, I hate SJ, the only reason that I watch is that I don’t hate hockey. I am a superfan. Horrendous shitshows like this one remind me that deep down I am still happy to be a Leaf fan. At least when the Leafs collapse, I know damn well it is a possibility right off the start, whereas the way these Sharks are giving up, it is simply an embarrassment. Should LA complete their four-game comeback, I should hope that Joe Thornton never dresses in a San Jose jersey again. They shouldn’t want him back, and he shouldn’t want to come back. No idea what his contract status is, but getting attacked by the other team’s goalie…

The sad part of this game is that the Sharks could have had it, for two and a half periods, it was anybody’s game. The way they played for most of it, nobody even cared. Don’t even really want to watch Wednesday’s finale. Thank God I couldn’t care less who wins this shit.

Minnesota 5 Colorado 2           Series tied 3-3                    Next game: Wed Game 7
Speaking of upsets, this could be the king of them all. Colorado is the better team. They have better players. They have a coach who knows the game better. They also have a goalie I would rather have. They are also a much younger team, which should also mean that they are a faster team. Not of that showed up tonight. They are on the verge of losing to a team that just barely made the playoffs. My money is still on Colorado. Zach Parise led with two goals and two assists. Mikael Granlund had one goal. Jason Pominville and Marco Scandella also had singles.

Paul Stastny and Nick Holden had the Avalanche goals.

Pittsburgh 4 Columbus 3         Pittsburgh wins 4-2       Next game ???
Well, that night last May when the Toronto Maple Leafs held onto a 4-1 lead with 7:26 left in regulations time….here was the 2014 version of that meltdown. Only difference was, tonight, it didn’t actually pan out that way. Mind you the visiting team held on to win in this case, and it was a Game 6 tonight.
anyways, a 4-0 lead going into the third period became 4-3 with about a minute to go in the game, despite a ferocious attack through that third period, the home side Blue Jackets could not maintain their attack in the final minute and thus there was no tying goal, and therefore no overtime. That was too bad. Unlike the meltdown last year, this one would have been fun.

Had Columbus found a way to win this game, and the series, that would have definitely qualified as the upset of the playoffs. Instead the Pens move on to play either Flyers or Rangers. Tonight, Evgeni Malkin had a hat trick. Sidney Crosby has yet to score in these playoffs. Brandon Sutter had the other Pens goal.

Fedor Tyutin, Artem Anisimov and Nick Foligno scored for the jackets in their last game of the season.
How close was this game? The SOG tally was 28-27 in favour of Pittsburgh.

Day 14
Tomorrow night the television schedule is back to one game, Game 6 Flyers vs Ny Rangers.
Wednesday already features two Game 7s, with the possibility of a third Game 7 depending on the Flyers/Rangers series.

-tonight was the second game I have seen that saw players lose their cool. I can’t even recall the other game that had fights. In the Sharks at Kings game, Logan Couture and Mike Richards went nuts, then in the last few minutes goaltender Jonathan Quick attacked Joe Thornton.
-the Avalanche and Wild are going to Game 7. Despite the stacked Avs team, head coach Patrick Roy does not have a good record in Game 7s at home
Matt Duchene returned to the Avalanche lineup and notched an assist in extensive time on the power play, after missing the last month due to a left knee injury. The Avalanche leader with 70 points during the regular season, Duchene wasn’t cleared for action until minutes before faceoff.


Teams that have now been eliminated from Stanley Cup contention now totals 5 teams: Tampa Bay, Columbus, Dallas, Detroit and St. Louis. There is a possibility of a 6th team on Tuesday, followed by 2 more teams on Wednesday.



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