Day 10 NHL Hockey Playoffs

SJ Sharks support tonight.

SJ Sharks support tonight.

Well ladies and gentlemen we have a series. In fact we have at least 3 series. Three good series. By my count, we have got: StL vs Chicago, Avs vs Wild, and the Sharks vs the Kings.

Here is now thinking that this could translate into 3 Game 7s. well at least one, that being the Blues/B’hawks. I was hoping for SJ to chew the Kings alive but as of 1am on Saturday night that is clearly not going to happen. Didn’t want the Kings to get anywhere near the second round but well well well whaddaya know? Game 6 is Monday night.

Here is the rest of tonight’s Game 5s:

Boston 4 Detroit 2                  Boston wins 4-1                     Next opponent:Montreal
Hahahahahaha is all I can say here even though I was on Detroit’s side all the way in this one, still can’t believe Wings could not fight back, I really thought they would win again since taking the series opener, then losing 4 straight. Even my Maple Leafs fared much much better against this Bruins team that is only 3 guys different from last year’s team (Seguin, Jagr and Horton). For the record, Detroit had both Datsyuk and Zetterberg playing hurt. And the reality is you can’t compensate for that. Now, because Detroit couldn’t put up much of a fight, now the whole country/continent gets to watch as Canada’s other big team gets set to take on the big bad Bruins. Canadiens vs Boston. Oh boy. My money is on Montreal.

Pittsburgh 3 Columbus 1        Pittsburgh leads 3-2     Next game: Monday 7pm
If there is to be one HUGE upset in the opening round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, it should be right here. These Blue Jackets have been outplaying these Penguins in every aspect of the game. BJ’s goalie Sergei Bobrovsky made mistakes tonight and they wound up in the net, on one of them, the one where Crosby drew the assist, Bobs was facing the opposite direction as the shooter when the puck went in.

Pittsburgh sealed it with an empty net goal. This is the kind of game people talk about when they talk about winning ugly. Considering the stacked team that we all know Pittsburgh has, technically this was a moral victory for the Blue Jackets. They should continue to be loosey-goosey on Monday. If they can win on Monday, they will probably win a Game 7. That would be upset central.

Colorado 4 Minnesota 3 OT     Avs lead 3-2                     Next game: Monday
Zach Parise scores his first goal of these playoffs 5 minutes into the third period. Kyle Brodziak scores two minutes later to give the Wild the 3-2 lead. PA Parenteau tied the game for Colorado with the goalie pulled then Nathan MacKinnon provided the overtime theatrics. I definitely see this going seven games.

Los Angeles 3 at San Jose 0     SJ leads 3-2                      Next game: Monday

See above.


Sunday games/Day 11 hockey

St.Louis at Chicago
Never wanted a team that is NOT Toronto to win so bad #LETSGOBLUES

Flyers at Rangers
-the winner of this series will go to the Stanley Cup final

Ducks at Stars
-just another hockey game 

Tonight I read on someone’s blog page that, assuming St. Louis can win Sunday afternoon, imagine a Blues/Canadiens Stanley Cup final…
The Sharks were shut out 3-0 on home ice tonight. D-man Dan Boyle did not take it very well.



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