The pressure is going to be on tonight at the Scottrade Centre. Go Blues.

The pressure is going to be on tonight at the Scottrade Centre. Go Blues.

The second of three straight nights of three straight NHL playoff hockey games.

Tuesday night, Wednesday night and tonight, three games highlight the schedule, the last of which included the first two fights I recall seeing during these playoff games.

On Saturday night, due to the Kings staying alive tonight, the schedule will go back to a 4-game schedule at least for one more night. Both Boston and San Jose will have to opportunity to move on after their next games.

Once again I will start off with the last game of the evening:
LA Kings 6 San Jose 3                       SJ leads series 3-1                  Game 5 Saturday

Facing elimination in their home arena did anyone actually think that the Kings were going to lose four straight? Ok, I guess I did, but seeing as how they finally got their shit together for an entire 60 minutes and won one, now we get to see a possibly more entertaining game this Saturday night…and why not, the greatest night of the week to watch Stanley Cup hockey.

For me it wasn’t the nine goals that highlighted the night, it was the two scraps that ended it. SJ’s Braun won the first one and teammate Brent Burns took on a SJ counterpart. It is the first time in these 2014 NHL post season games that I have seen the refs actually let these players go. I don’t understand why so many of the refs try to break them up before they start. They are much better off letting them go, and letting them burn off the steam. On another note, it is a much better way for SJ to end a game like this. The Kings may have topped them on the scoreboard, but I am guessing San Jose will probably try to run them back to LA (for good) and end the series on Saturday night.

Boston 3 Detroit 2 OT              Boston leads 3-1                   Game 5 Saturday 3pm

Detroit led in this game 2-0 yet still found a way to lose…in overtime! Detroit backup goalie Jonas
Gustavsson looked good, really good. In fact he kinda reminded me of that guy that Brian Burke chose to play for the Leafs way back when lol, not really, but the guy nicknamed Monster actually played like one tonight. The winning goal was scored by Dougie Hamilton but it hit 2 guys before going in the net included Gustavsson’s teammate Danny DeKeyser’s left leg.

Game 5 in the series sees the teams return to Boston and it will be the start of a 4-game bill shared by TSN and CBC. Faceoff in Boston goes at 3pm. Your TV set will not turn off until around 1am!

Minnesota 2 Avalanche 1        Series tied 2-2                     Game 5 Saturday 9:30pm

Somehow the Wild who were playing at home tonight, managed to hold Colorado to only 12 shots. That’s right. Twelve shots. How in hell does that happen. This is the same team with that MacKinnon kid, Paul Statsny, Gabriel Landeskog and Matt Duchesne and they only had 12 shots? Wow. That sucks if you are an Avs fan. The only reassurance you guys might get out of this result is knowing that if someone can whip some sense back into the team in time for Saturday night, it is probably Patrick Roy. Lol.


-first time all playoff long when I caught a fight in a game, in fact I caught two, both in LA, one right after the other, both were good, hope to see some more of it on Saturday.

-Boston won a game I was really hoping they would lose

-the Avs managed only 12 shots on net. They did not win.

time to get loud Blues
Day 10 highlights

-the Blues will try and overcome their demons from playoffs past when they play an all-important Game 5 with Chicago. This time last year, StL took a 2-0 lead vs LA and then lost the next four. They do not want that to happen again this year. If it does, Hitchcock should be let go.




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