Day 4 (Saturday) Stanley Cup Round Up

The Stanley Cup bracket may appear boring on first glance to the average Maple Leafs fan such as myself, however on deeper look, and from watching something like 50 hours of games so far, many of them are anything but boring.

The Stanley Cup bracket may appear boring on first glance to the average Maple Leafs fan such as myself, however on deeper look, and from watching something like 50 hours of games so far, many of them are anything but boring.

St. Louis 4 Chicago 3 overtime                                          StL leads series 2-0

Now I have gone with St. Louis as my ‘replacement team’ for the season seeing as how my real team couldn’t keep their shit together for long enough to qualify lol, and so now I have the St. Louis Blues defying just about everybody’s odds to win the Stanley Cup this season.

Now despite having taken the first two games of these playoffs, which were both on home ice, and both obviously coming against the defending Stanley Cup champions from Chicago, this series is about to get a whole lot harder.

I can just see it now. Game 3-overtime. Game 4-probably more overtime. These two teams are that evenly matched. Only real difference in Chicago is their 2 Cup rings. However if St. Louis can steal one by the middle of the week, maybe they can finish the job without needing a Game 7. TJ Oshie was back today and they needed him. Not sure about Patrik Berglund but they are also getting the goaltending.

Also well worthy of note, Brent Seabrook may be sitting for the next two games pending a hearing he is scheduled to have with the NHL on Easter Sunday. Seabrook hit StL forward David Backes and will be hearing from the league tomorrow to defend himself. Experts are predicting a two-game suspension.

Columbus 4 Pittsburgh 3 double overtime                          Series tied 1-1

I think that off all of the opening series in this year’s Stanley Cup run, the Columbus Blue Jackets have the greatest shot at pulling off an upset. By the way they have been playing, they might actually do it. I think that as long as Bobrovsky keeps going, so will the rest of this team basically made up of nobodies. If you are a Pittsburgh supporter these days, I would not want to be you!
As of late on Saturday night, this is the only series in the tournament that is tied at 1-1.

Colorado 4 Minnesota 2                                           Avs lead series 2-0

The Avs continue to impress, several of them include Gabriel Landeskog, Nathan MacKinnon, Paul Stastny. Landeskog had two tonight and has three so far in the two games they have played. However, should Minny find some confidence and maybe get some bounces go their way when the series heads to the Energy Xcel Centre, it could go a few more games. Wild goalie Ilya Bryzgalov was only credited with 11 saves.

I think the OT count so far this playoff is five games
Mont @ TB
StL vs Chi (2)
Col at Pitt
Avs vs Minny

Day 5 Stanley Cup

NYR vs Flyers NYR lead 1-0
This is the only game on today that I am willing to bet will find its way to a seventh game. It is also the only series in the entire playoff that I will not wake up to watch. In fact I may spend that three hours getting myself ready for the next game. I do not care who wins this series.

Detroit at Boston                                                                             Det leads 1-0
Boston is either going to absolutely destroy the Wings or it will be a one goal game for whoever wins. This is that same kind of game that the Leafs would have played in in the early 90s where they either win by a goal, or they get absolutely blown away.

Tampa Bay at Montreal                                                                 Mtl leads 2-0
Same with this one, I believe. If Montreal wins this, it’s over. I don’t care how many times Steven Stamkos has been down 3-1 in a best-of-seven series, Tampa Bay does not have the team to compete with a high-flying Habs team. As long as Carey Price keeps going, all the forwards have to do is score 2-3 goals and they’ve got this.

LA Kings at San Jose Sharks                                                       Sharks lead 1-0
Should be hands down the second best series in the entire tournament. Second to my Blues vs the Blackhawks. Something however is wrong with these Kings. Anything less than a more spirited effort than what we witnessed in Game 1 and I would officially begin to worry about the Kings. SJ is playing like they want it way more. I think they do. I think they will win this game on Sunday and this series.
Personally I hope SJ knocks the Kings into the boards so hard it leaves a permanent crown marking in the boards.


-how many of Easter Sunday’s games may go into overtime?

Best guess is Mtl vs TB and/or SJvsLA

-will anybody do anything as stupid as Milan Lucic or Brent Seabrook?

-what are the chances of another Detroit shutout?

Also, continued amazing work by the camera crews of the #TSN and the #CBC




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