Five Nights of Crazy Still to Come in LeafLand

Game 77 leafs over flames

‘We didn’t paint a Mona Lisa here’: Carlyle

Leaf netminder faces only 20 shots in 3-2 win

BY:Jeff Schneberk

If you thought last night’s game was a little bit too close for comfort, don’t expect much less for the remaining games of the NHL season.

Not only do we get to sit back and watch the craziness that is Leafs hockey, we also watch the out-of-town scoreboards to find out how 3-4 other teams are doing, often at the exact same time.
Last night was a bit of a break, Leafs beat Flames 3-2, although it came down to the last 3.4 seconds like it always does, then Dion Phaneuf gets called for a dumbass penalty THEN the asshole ref adds time on the clock, all with the faceoff in front of the Leaf net.

In other action around the league, Columbus scored two early goals on Colorado but wound up losing in overtime. A regulation win for the Avs would set the Leafs up in a playoff spot right now although the Blue Jackets hold the tie breaker.

And the Devils get a point out of their shootout loss to the Sabres, so they climb up one point in the standings too.
“The entertainment value was a little too high for coaches,” says Leaf Head Coach Randy Carlyle.

“When Mason Raymond iced the puck, he was trying so hard not to turn the puck over, he knows the red line is right there. Those are the signals, you just have to breathe a little bit deeper.”

David bolland scored the goal that put Leafs up 2-1. It was a signature Bolland goal says Carlyle, adding that the painful part of the losing streak was the Leafs have had goals like that scored against them, in bunches.

As for the two guys named Dave, that both hail from just outside Toronto, they both scored key goals last night, Carlyle said it would be great if they could both do that every night, when questioned by a reporter if there was any significance to the 2 Daves both scoring.

“It would be nice if they could do that every night.”
Carlyle added that he hopes it will be a turning point in the season Clarkson has had so far.

“Personally I’m not happy with the season. I hold myself accountable, I’m someone that has to be better. But the big thing is we’ve got five games left here, we have to take care of what we can,” explains Clarkson.

Jonathan Bernier. Here is what the Leaf goalie had to say (this is the first time this season that I noticed him laughing at reporter questions, one of them is actually funny!).
BEST PART Clarkson’s goal, good to see him finally score for the first time in weeks.

WORST PART cheesy penalty call on phaneuf with less than 5 seconds left and THEN asshole refs go and put 3.4 seconds on the clock with the faceoff in front of bernier.

BIGGEST BREAK the no-goal call on the high stick shot that went in past Bernier, it took awhile to finalize it but it was waived off, would have tied the game at 1-1 7 minutes into the second period

Jay McClement opened the scoring, former Leaf Matt Stajan tied it in the second period, before the Leafs got goals from Bolland and Clarkson before Kris Russell made it close with seven minutes left to close the gap to 3-2.

Game in 6 minutes

Playoff race

Washington Capitals (81, six games left)

Detroit Red Wings (84, seven games left)

Columbus Blue Jackets (83, seven games left)

Next Game: Thursday night vs Boston


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