First Game Back in New Jersey for David Clarkson

Although it was kind of an exciting ending, it was not the end Leaf fans were hoping for vs Montreal last night. Nazem Kadri made it close but they lost 4-3 in regulation time.

Although it was kind of an exciting ending, it was not the end Leaf fans were hoping for vs Montreal last night. Nazem Kadri made it close but they lost 4-3 in regulation time.

Battle of two team with 4-6 records over their last 10 games

BY:Jeff Schneberk

I love it how leaf fans all over the place put all kinds of emphasis on a hockey game and make it out to be like a playoff game.
We saw it again last night and we will probably see it again tonight.

Last night of course was the renewal of the greatest rivalry in the history of pro hockey, the Leafs and Canadiens. Tonight it is going to be a much more down-to-earth game where the Leafs play the New Jersey

Hopefully tonight, in David Clarkson’s return to his former home arena, he can show those Devils why they shouldn’t have let him go, probably won’t happen lol, but fun to think it will/could/should blahblahblah.

MAPLE LEAFS (36-28-8) at DEVILS (30-28-13)


Last 10: Toronto 4-6-0; New Jersey 4-6-0

Toronto has beaten NJ twice this season, James van Riemsdyk scored the deciding goal in both cases. The Leafs have not lost to NJ since February of 2012, winning six games in a row. Tonight the intensity might be a tad higher given last night’s disappointing result at home against the Montreal Canadiens.

Zach Parise who was signed by the Minnesota Wild, returned to the swamp three days ago to a chorus of
boos from the Jersey faithful, could the same fate await David Clarkson? If so, what better night to have a break out night, in front of his former fans!

Even goaltender Martin Brodeur appears to be licking his chops over this game tonight.

“Probably. I hope so,” Brodeur told “Get him rattled a little bit. It’s a pretty similar situation, another guy that went home. Hopefully [the fans are] all over him.”

Clarkson has played in 50 games this season after signing a contract worth $36.7 million. His point total is four goals and six assists and a -10 rating.

Clarkson was a -2 rating in last night’s crushing defeat to the Canadiens. Most of it was spent playing alongside David Bolland who was making his first appearance since Nov. 2 when he had his ankle slashed open in a game in Vancouver.

“I think that [Bolland] will get better,” coach Randy Carlyle said afterward. “I think tomorrow will be a tough game for him, with the back-to-back and having to travel tonight. But that’s why he did all the laps and extra work and the conditioning part with our strength and conditioning people prior to this.”
The Devils, like the Leafs are in a losing skid and both are literally clinging to playoff contention.
Both teams are 4-6 through their last 10 games.

Corey Schneider will start for the home side tonight, while it’s anybody’s guess who may start (and finish) for the Leafs. The likely choice is James Reimer, but if he gives up a pair of early goals again, it could be another long night for Leaf fans.

LEAFS TO WATCH OUT FOR: Joffrey Lupul has four points in the last four games which were all losses, Tyler Bozak has two points, Nazem Kadri scored his 18th goal last night vs Montreal.


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