The Sabres Win the “Battle of the Backups’


I am not a Sabres fan. And I am sure as hell not a Bruins fan, in fact I despise equally both teams, but I do have to say, watching them last night, out of at least half boredom, was actually time very well spent.

There might be something about watching a pro sports game played between two teams that you couldn’t give a rat’s ass about, that is sometimes entertaining.

For me it gets to the point where, given in today’s NHL where it is possible for BOTH teams to pick up a point, it sometimes makes you root for the team that you least-hate!
What I mean by that is if both teams get a point out of a game, it means bad news for whoever your team happens to be.

Boston is basically the undisputed king of the league, don’t know how on earth they do it each year, but they are a playoff team, they give their fans plenty to cheer about pretty much each and every game.

Buffalo on the other hand, is not. Far from it, I thought. Until last night when they literally stole two points away from the Big Bad Bruins. Boston leading on the road with 54 seconds to go and I am thinking ‘that is good, only one team will get points from this game, and it would just happen to be Bruins. Didn’t happen.

Buffalo tied it up late when Matt Moulson scored his 16th goal of the season, slipping a Zemgus Girgensons rebound under Boston goalie Chad Johnson who stepped in for Tuukka Rask. Ryan Miller did not play in this game either, presumably due to the ‘Olympic effect’.

Anyways, Buffalo’s Matt D’Agostini scored only 22 seconds into overtime after executing one of those Peter Forsberg shootout goal routines from the Nagano Olympics. For the record, D’Agostini’s actually looked better. That is the first time I have ever said that!

“Once I saw the puck go out, I could tell [Chara] didn’t know I’d be coming up from behind him,” D’Agostini said. “I think he just thought he had time to go back and retrieve the puck. I kind of just snuck up behind him. I heard their bench screaming. I tried a little sneak attack on him in there, so it was good that I got by him and snuck it through the pad.”

Boston holds an eight-point lead on the second place Lightning in the Atlantic division, followed by Montreal, Toronto and Detroit, who are all separated by five points, while Buffalo slightly improved themselves during a season they probably wish never happened, sitting in eighth place at 17 wins, 34 losses.

Tonight is going to feel more like it’s Saturday night as there will be far too many games on the schedule for anyone to keep track of, unless you happen to have 12 TV sets and can watch everything all at the same time.

Tonight, Toronto plays in New York against the Islanders

-Columbus is in New Jersey

-Chicago is in MSG to play the Rangers

-San Jose travels east to play in Philly

-Montreal is right back at it tonight in Pitt

-Detroit is too as they play in Ottawa

-The other nations’ capital (the Capitals) are in Florida

-Tampa Bay is in Nashville

-Phoenix heads up this way to play in Winnipeg

-Carolina is also playing its second game back, in Dallas

-LA also heads up north to play Calgary and,

-The Minnesota Wild are in Edmonton.
NHL teams



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