BY: Jeff Schneberk

As has been the case almost this entire hockey season, our beautiful Toronto Maple Leafs have had at least one top gun sitting on the injury reserve.
Since very early in October, not a damn thing has changed lol.

The Toronto Maple Leafs currently have five injured players. This includes David Clarkson, Peter Holland, Carter Ashton, Dave Bolland, and Trevor Smith.

Word out of Toronto (on Twitter) this morning was that they guy we signed to a seven-year deal back on the July long weekend (Clarkson) is all set to return to action tomorrow night. The Leafs are in the Sunshine State for a pair of dates with the Lightning and the Panthers on Thursday.

Clarkson had a bursa sca tissue issue in his elbow, whatever that means. He had staples removed from his elbow and is reportedly good to go.
Holland has been out with something called ‘lace bite’. If you have no idea what on earth that means, you are not the only one. I have to put on my thinking cap for this one, but to show how serious it apparently is, described as tendon inflammation on the top of the foot from tight laces or skates that aren’t fitting properly. James van Riemsdyk said that Holland’s lace bite is “the worst he’s ever seen” and Randy Caryle called it “crazy”.

Carter Ashton also missed Saturday’s game against the Senators due to an injured hand. Ashton was spotted with his hand heavily bandaged before the game. Carlyle said that Ashton was a “question mark” to play against the Sens, so the injury likely isn’t too severe.

And now, for the biggest one of all, David Bolland….

Bolland, since suffering a severed tendon on November 2 against the Vancouver Canucks, is continuing to progress and get more comfortable on the ice. Carlyle said that there is a 50/50 chance that we will see Bolland in the lineup before the Olympic break
Wouldn’t it make a lot more sense to give the guy all the time that he needs to get his show on the road again?

He had his ankle sliced open, and they expect him to be recovered in about three months? We all know Bolland can play hockey, he has scored one of the biggest goals in Stanley Cup history last year in Boston. I know he is just itching to play but this Leafs team is legit. They are winning, they are playing well, hell sometimes they are even making it look easy. Let Nazem Kadri continue to have some fun, let Holland get in there too, we all know that Jay McClement is an absolute workhorse.

Bolland is going to start getting his ‘hours’ back, just wait until we get back to the playoffs!
Last and definitely not least, Trevor Smith. Smith has been out of the lineup since mid-December, suffering from some injury suffered in the weight room. Nobody wants to talk about it. No surprise there. There is no talk of him coming back.

UPDATE: Leafs and Panthers 0-0 11:19 remaining in the first period.
Go Leafs go chants begin in Sunrise.


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