Hockey Night Not a Good Night for Leafs

Timmy Gleason's first ever goal as a Toronto Maple Leaf, helped sparked a three-goal comeback that saw the Buds send things into overtime last night at MTS Centre.

Timmy Gleason’s first ever goal as a Toronto Maple Leaf, helped sparked a three-goal comeback that saw the Buds send things into overtime last night at MTS Centre.


The only good thing to come out of Hockey Night in Canada last night was that the Leafs showed some signs of offensive life after been down by a 4-1 count in Winnipeg. The other good thing was that the Habs got shell-shocked at home against Washington, so I guess that is two good things to happen if you happen to see things my way.

As hard as it is to put a game like last night behind you, it is imperative that we do that. Right now too. Next up is the one team in the league with one man with one mission. More on all that stuff in a bit.

I actually find it a little shocking that Toronto loses to Winnipeg and their new coach yadyaydayada but on pen and paper, this Winnipeg team is just not that good (24-24), at least not good enough to knock off a team that should be built for a deep playoff run regardless of who is playing in the net, which brings me to the one part that is hard to write about: Leaf goaltending.

What in the hell happened to James Reimer? You cannot play like that, give up soft goals, one after the other, and still expect to win the game. The absolute worst part is that Jonathan Bernier could not do any better. Some Leaf fans get all crabby when someone tries to put down one of the two Leaf tendies, well how about putting down both of them for sucking so bad two nights in a row. Reimer’s first goal allowed, don’t know what the hell he was doing, or not doing, or thinking, or not thinking, but I don’t think he was thinking about hockey, or else he woulda stopped it. And the winning goal on Bernier…let’s leave it at that shall we?

For the most of the season, the Leaf nets were about the only thing that anyone felt confident about.

Now after a pair of BRUTAL outings in both Texas and Manitoba, the goaltending is an issue.
Potentially a lot more on that will come out of Tuesday night’s home date with the Lightning who happen to have a pissed off mighty mouse on their team ticked off about not making the Canadian Olympic hockey team…Martin St. Louis. Good luck Leafs.

The Leafs return home with a tilt against eastern top team the Tampa Bay Lightning. It will be a tall task trying to stop Marty St.Louis as he has 8! points in his last 5 games and has been on an absolute tear since Stevie Yzerman ripped his heart out.
He did not qualify for the team and our Leafs may be the next team on St. Louis’ hit list.

At the very least, Kessel did tie the game up with about four minutes left in the game. I have seen the Leafs scored on in the late-going of the 3rd period (winter Classic) but admittedly am still not used to seeing them tie it up late.
Good for Kessel, got the goal, tied it up late, got a point out of a game they probably shoulda got rocked in, again.

Other bright side was seeing Tim Gleason score his first goal as a member of a hockey team that people actually follow game in and game out.



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