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Nazem Kadri will be doing much more of this, and probably still with the Leafs.

Nazem Kadri will be doing much more of this, and probably still with the Leafs.


I came across a story today I found quite disturbing. Despite the Leafs taking their worst loss of the season last night against the NY Rangers, I find it disturbing that there are idiots out there who thing the team needs to start trading people.

This one story I found on fansided. Com is one of those stories that carries with it the same logic as teaching a two year old how to write. Why bother do it? Pieces will fall into place eventually.

See it here: Kadri trade rumour on

Anyway this writer on suggested that they trade forward Nazem Kadri. This is one of the reasons why I left the ailing newspaper sports business. Stupid speculation. Not that long ago, there was debate about Kadri being the next Doug Gilmour.

Randy Carlyle said in a press conference that Kadri has to wake up but then again so do Mason Raymond and even Joffrey Lupul. You don’t hear anybody talking about dealing Lupul or Raymond!
Too much goddamn speculation. It seems like you people ( probably need something else to do with your time. Most of their stuff is actually pretty decent reading but this piece on Kadri is exactly what is wrong with the sports media. Too much speculation.

Here is Carlyle telling it to the rest of the media (14 seconds in-Dec, 30,1013): Carlyle on Kadri (Lupul and Raymond)

Let me ask all you brainiacs out there this: What or who, would you trade Nazem Kadri for? Another defenceman? Okay cool, but I got some news for you. The Leafs already have enough defencemen. Gardiner, Franson and Gunnarsson are all plenty. This team does not require another defenceman. They have plenty of them, plus they just traded for another in Tim Gleason and he should debut on Tuesday night.

I think Kadri is somewhat of a ‘mystery’ for this team, but then again who is not? They are horribly inconsistent. You don’t have to look all that far back to see how Kadri could be when the whole team is rolling. Back in May, he played a huge part in the first-round playoff series against Boston, even got in on one of the team’s four goals. What has happened ever since those playoff games however, equal blame could be thrown across the entire dressing room, not just on Kadri.

Anyway back to my original point. Why would you dumbasses start debating who needs to be traded? I know what this team needs and it is NOT another blueliner idiots! This team needs some goddamn leadership is what it needs!

Look at every successful professional sports team that has won championships and do you know what they have in common? Glad you asked. They have leadership. They have a guy that isn’t afraid to tell the other guys what they are doing wrong, on the spot, that everyone else looks up to.

In the past, Leafs have had guys like Doug Gilmour and Dave Andreychuk even, plus they had Wendel Clark. They all had leadership, enough of it to get to the Stanley Cup semi finals. Say what you want about Dion Phaneuf, but the guy is not leadership material. Don’t know what’s wrong with the guy, he has a good shot, and he can hit, he obviously can’t fight very well anymore (last night vs the NY Rangers was pathetic).

I don’t know what to think about him but he is clearly missing something.
But back to the original point here. if the Leafs are to trade arguably one of the most talented forwards they have ever had, what, I say what the fuck are they going to trade him for? As I said earlier, they have d-man they just need to smarten up. They have all kinds of goddamn forwards (Bozak, Kessel, van Riemsdyk, and last but not least Nazem Kadri), AND they also have not one but TWO goalies.

Mind you both of them were lit up like a Christmas tree last night but that’s only one game. Jonathan Bernier gave us a win in Ann Arbor on NYD in the Winter Classic and now he should (still) be a rockstar in these parts. James Reimer kinda let me down, allowing two goals by this Ranger team that should be hurting as much as the Leafs are.

But the whole point is, who or what are they going to trade Kadri for? He only has 11 goals and 12 assists, but Mason Raymond and JVR aren’t that much better. What are you going to do, start trading guys left right and centre because they haven’t scored goals in ages? If you are going to do that, you may as well trade the whole team. JVR and Kessel didn’t do anything last night either, are you going to debate trading the lone Olympians so far, too?
This team is seriously lacking right now, but to start trading off guys all around the roster, you are just asking (to be lit up by those players every time they return to Toronto). Just think about it, damn media.

With all the ramble about firing Head Coach Randy Carlyle that’s out there, surprised neglected to mention the possibility of that being the problem?



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