Top Sports/Hockey Anthems

hockey anthems
BY: Jeff Schneberk

Parts of the Maple Leafs’ 4-2 loss last night to the San Jose Sharks were bad enough to make even the most hardcore fans want to hit the exits long before the game was over.

At one point, probably in the first period, Leafs were being outshot 13-5. They did not score any goals in that period.

The only thing that can get fans on their feet or at least re-energized for a few minutes are those things called sports anthems.

Usually they are more noticeable at the start of the game but last night’s game helped motivate me to put something together on the greatest sports anthems at hockey games today.

Here is what I found.
One of the most hated bands I can think of is actually on one of those top 10 lists compiled by Major League Baseball, the National Football League and of course the National Hockey League.

Haters love to hate, and few bands get hated quite like Nickelback. Earlier this year the Canadian quartet were voted second-worst group of the 1990s (behind Creed) by Rolling Stone readers. Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney has singled them out as being why “rock’n’roll is dying”. AFacebook campaign was once organised to prove a pickle could win more likes.
Some 55,000 American football fans once signed a petition to attempt to stop them playing at half time.

A dating website has voted their music the No 1 “musical turn-off”.

1) We Will Rock You-Queen
2) Let It Rock-Kevin Rudolf featuring Lil Wayne
3) Burn It To The Ground-Nickelback
4) Enter Sandman-Metallica
5) Car Wash-Christina Aguilera featuring Missy Elliot
6) Fire Burning-Sean Kingston
7) Song 2-Blur
8) Turn My Swag On-Soulja Boy
9) Run This Town-Jay-Z, Rihanna and Kanye West
10) Machinehead-Bush

Any suggestions you’d like to add to this list, let me know
Here is a YouTube link to one of the songs not on this list: zombie nation



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