Redskins (3-8) humbled by 49ers (7-4)

Robert Griffin III dejectedly walks off the field last night after his team was shut out of the end zone in a 27-6 loss to SF.

Robert Griffin III dejectedly walks off the field last night after his team was shut out of the end zone in a 27-6 loss to SF.

BY:Jeff Schneberk @Game7overtime


For one of the most talented and optimistic quarterbacks in the NFL who has yet to really show it consistently, he is sure taking a beating these days.

First he gets called out by one of his own teammates (Santana Moss), now he is getting it from the opposition.

After the San Francisco 49ers defense dominated the Baylor product, Ahmad Brooks came out and offered his two cents on Robert Griffin III.

“He’s a man, he has the heart of a warrior and is going to go out there and play regardless of the circumstance,” Brooks told CSN Washington. “(But) everybody can see it. He shouldn’t be playing.”

Griffin, whose Washington Redskins are a dismal 3-7, started the game with four interceptions, and it isn’t even really fair to use his stats while playing against one of the top defensive units in the entire National Football League, but when Griffin finally completed his fifth pass, the play lost a yard.

Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith of espn First Take debated the topic of what is wrong with the Baylor university product. Bayless suggested it may be time for the QB to take a break; while Smith disagrees wholeheartedly. See it here:

The only thing the two panelists seem to agree on with this subject is that the 9er defense appears to be among the elite in the game, so taking that into consideration, everyone should go easier on Griffing after last night’s performance.

In Griffin’s case, you know it’s bad when the media and game announcers start referring to you by your full name, there was not much mention of ‘RGIII’ last night on Monday Night Football as the debate ignited over the mess that is Washington’s NFL club. The nickname of the Redskins is a minor issue at this point.

There was debate over head coach Mike Shanahan and his whole offense as a unit, and whether or not to bring in someone else (who may or may not have an offense in mind with Griffin in mind).

The final score of 27-6 49ers was hardly the subject of conversation last night, but moreso what to do with this mess of a Redskins team.

With Griffin under-performing, is it time to sit him and go with Michigan State product Kirk Cousins? Cousins has the talent, he can play, is it time to let him?

Griffin has 11 interceptions this season, more than double his total from all of 2012. He is still without a rushing TD this season. Last night, he ran six times, picked up 22 yards.

He finished completing 17 of 27 pass attempts for 127 yards.

Perhaps Brooks was anticipating a different player than the one he saw. Griffin can help himself by developing as a passer, lessening the need for his legs to be an issue. He’s not at that point yet, and therefore teams are forcing him to win with his arm. Still, I’d be curious to hear more of what Brooks said to understand why he did say it. An opposing player’s perspective is always a good one.

Last night, Washington totaled 30 yards in the second half.


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