Riders Say They Are Ready for This Different Ticat Team

There is a 50/50 chance that Kent Austin may be getting another one of these on Sunday!

There is a 50/50 chance that Kent Austin may be getting another one of these on Sunday!

BY: Jeff Schneberk



One of the many, many storylines coming out of Regina for the last few days has been the scores from the two games the Ticats and Riders produced during their home-and-home series they played back in July.

Sasky trounced us on their home field and on ours. The game in Sasky was 35-0. Riders coach Corey Chamblin acknowledged, actually both coaches have noted several times that the Ticats of November are different from the team that competed back in the middle of the summer.

“They do so many things different from when we played them early in the season. They’ve totally changed…a lot of the things that they’ve done (and probably think, too), the same as when they look at us on film, so it’ll be a fresh game, and there will be a lot of adjustments throughout the course of that game,” says Chamblin.

Hamilton heads into the Grey Cup on a roll, having won 11 of its last 15 games, including the East final, in Toronto.

Riders quarterback Darian Durant agrees that they are facing a different-look Tabbie team, which unlike the summer, includes his former teammate and close friend Andy Fantuz. Fantuz was on the injury reserve list for almost half of the season, then came back and helped light up the end zone numerous times since returning.

“Those guys,” explains Durant, “were missing some pieces when we played them earlier. They had a bunch of young guys who were new to the CFL, didn’t know the game as much, and now, they’re basically veterans.”

Durant added that they went on the road and defeated the defending Grey Cup champions, which says a lot, so you have to be prepared.”



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