Both Grey Cup Towns Seeing Rise in Revenues

Hamilton QB Henry Burris jerseys are almost non existent around Hamilton, same with WR Andy Fantuz

Hamilton QB Henry Burris jerseys are almost non existent around Hamilton, same with WR Andy Fantuz

BY: Jeff Schneberk @Game7overtime

The local economies in both cities participating in this year’s Grey Cup game are going to see a rise in revenues, at least for one week.

Everything from jersey sales, to food sales in bars, to game tickets (in Regina) to hotel rooms all over the place.

The store hours at various locations through Hamilton have been extended, the lineups are out the door and extra crowd security has been brought in.

And there is not a Henry Burris or Andy Fantuz replica jersey to be had for love or money. At $180 plus tax per pop.

Greg Dunnett, the merchandise manager at the TigerTown Store at 1 Jarvis St., said the Oskee Wee Wee crew is hot, hot, hot.

It hasn’t been this busy at Dunnett’s store since…well, ever.

“We were busy last week. Saturday was when it hit. Saturday was our busiest day of the year,” Dunnett said.

And Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday have been crazy.

During the Tuesday send-off rally, Dunnett had to put security on the door.

“We’re sold out of Henry (Burris) and Andy (Fantuz) jerseys right now. They are the two jerseys that are flying off the shelves,” he said, adding a new order is expected on Friday.

Funny enough, both players are two of the Ticats that are going to be in for a game against their former team. Fantuz signed with the Ticats two years ago and is now probably anticipating his reception, while Burris was a Rider before leaving for Calgary who then traded him here.

The store has sold about 50 of each since the beginning of the week.

NO COPPS FOR SCREENING: There are no civic plans to open Copps Coliseum to view the Grey Cup game.

Peggy Chapman, the chief of staff to Mayor Bob Bratina, said the city is working on a Tuesday reception for the returning team. Chapman said the belief is there are plenty of bars and restaurants in the core for fans to flock to and cheer on the Tabbies.

HAMILTON VIEWING PARTIES:The Tiger-Cats are inviting fans to Grey Cup viewing parties they’re holding at three Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants in the region: in Stoney Creek (524 Centennial Pkwy. N.), in Ancaster (1015 Golf Links Rd.) and in Guelph (35 Harvard Rd.).

The festivities start at 5 p.m. on Sunday. Each party will feature giveaways and Ticats prize packs.

BETTING/ODDS: The betting line has moved further west. Betting site Bodog now has the Roughriders as 6½-point favourites. On Tuesday morning, the Ticats were just five-point underdogs.

Eyes in Regina

The central Grey Cup Festival area in downtown Regina is being watched by 33 closed-circuit TV cameras monitored by festival security staff who can alert security personnel or police, radio station CJME reported Wednesday.

$123-million boost:The Regina Leader-Post has numbers from a Regina economic commission that says hosting the Grey Cup is worth $123 million to that city and the province of Saskatchewan.



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