Pittsburgh Steelers: Next Game is Huge

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a fairly big game coming up on the weekend. Big might be an understatement.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a fairly big game coming up on the weekend. Big might be an understatement.

BY: Jeff Schneberk @Game7overtime


If Pittsburgh Steelers fans think they have it bad now, they (we) haven’t seen anything yet.

Everyone out there thinks life sucks for the Steelers and that things could not possibly get any worse.

That is not true, not even close.

Well, okay, maybe close, but no matter how bad you think the season has gotten, even with a record of 3-6, things can always get even worse.

Pittsburgh currently sits in last place in the AFC North division, albeit its last, but it’s also only by one game; and on top of that, it’s Baltimore that they trail by only one win.

And we don’t have to start talking about how Baltimore is the defending World Champs….yadeeyadayada.

What is kind of a concern though is that the Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals are both on top of both the Steelers and the Ravens.


Still, it’s not as bad as it all seems. Lose their next game with the Detriot Lions however, then maybe it might be time to start thinking about someone’s bandwagon to jump on.

steelers vs lions game ticket

A loss to the Lions in Week 11 will make it impossible for the Steelers to finish above .500 for the first time in forever.

So maybe count on Big Ben Roethlisberger to put forth the game of the season this weekend; and speaking of Ben, all these stupid mentions all over the place about him wanting out of Pitt, don’t know who the moron is that started that crap but he’s denied it so put it to rest, at least until after the season.

If, he should ever leave his post as Pittsburgh QB, and if he should ever formally ask to be traded, if that ever even happened, then Pittsburgh, you have a problem.



The Lions have jumped out to first place in the very-competitive NFC North division, which nobody could have ever predicted knowing that this has been Green Bay’s division for the past 10 years or more. And they got two more wins recently over the Cowboys and supercharged Chicago Bears.


The Steelers did win over the Bills, who welcomed EJ Manuel back to the line up, who got re-acquainted with the Steeler defence.

The rest of the schedule isn’t that bad for these Steelers even after the Lions game. There are two more dates with the Browns who are probably more concerned with next year’s entry draft with all of the picks they’ve got.

Pitt does still have to face the Ravens and Packers and the Bengals; none of those games are going to be easy, but then again few wins this season have come easy.

If Pitt can force the Lions to run the ball, they have a chance at stopping the offence, they also have to limit the yards attained after the catch.


And Ben’s offensive line is going to have to come through for sure in this game in particular. They used to be dominant in seasons before.

They already have a dominant quarterback, and possibly a season on the line. What more motivation could they possibly need?

When they do have the ball, the Steelers need to throw the ball down the field. The Lions are 6th in the NFL in Passing Yards Against, so if Ben has good pass protection this game could easily turn into a shootout. The Lions’ secondary is certainly their Achilles heel, and the Steelers need to take advantage of it if they are even going to have a shot in this game.

If there is one thing Detroit should want to avoid, it is a shootout with Roethlisberger, Matthew Stafford is good, but not as good as Ben.

He will need help keeping away from Lions’ troublemaker Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley on the defensive line. Big Ben will get sacked quite a few times and the run game will be rendered useless, holding Le’Veon Bell to under 80 yards rushing.


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