Week 9 NFL Action

Here is a recap of the games in the NFL yesterday and last night.

Here is a recap of the games in the NFL yesterday and last night.

BY: Jeff Schneberk

Could you imagine if the Bills had managed to hold off undefeated Kansas City for the rest of the game, leading the Chiefs 10-3 at the half? Or if the no-name Vikings had been able to do to the Cowboys what Peyton Manning did to them a couple weeks ago?

What I still don’t believe from Week 9 NFL action is the Cleveland Browns beating up on the Super Bowl champ Ravens, 24-18 and the other one I still can’t get my head around is the NY Jets upending the Saints by a score of 26-20!!!

I mean how does that happen? The other two games I focused in on were the Colts and the Texans at night and the Steelers in New England to play the Patriots.

The teams combined for well over 1,000 yards in Foxborough and both Tom Brady and Big Ben Roethlisberger combined for a total of 8 touchdowns. That’s what we would expect if it was actually possible for Peyton
Manning to play against…Peyton Manning. Touchdowns on each and every drive. But when you put two of professional footballs most accomplished and experienced quarterbacks on the same field on the same day, things like that are known to happen.

Anyways back to the first game of the day in Buffalo, could the Bills (of all teams really have been the first team this year to knock off Kansas City (9-0)? I didn’t think so either but I am always in the mood for an upset.

Nobody knows when EJ Manual will be back to take back his quarterback job but for about an hour or so yesterday starting at 1pm EST, nobody actually cared!

Dallas trailed Minnesota for the better part of the first two quarters, then for awhile in the fourth quarter but then something happened and Christian Ponder made me wonder why Josh Freeman wasn’t playing. Dallas came back late in the game with a Tony Romo-to-Dwayne Harris 7-yard-TD to go ahead with 35 seconds left in the game and Dallas improved to 5-4 on the season and maybe more importantly, 4-1 on home turf.

In St. Louis yesterday, the Rams and the Tennessee Titans literally traded shots all day long but it was the visitors that got the last one as Tennessee escaped the ‘show me’ state with a 28-21 win.

The score sheet literally reads 7-7-7-7 all the way through. There was not a single safety, field goal or any of that shit. Not like I’m complaining about that. I love touchdowns too, just wondering how it was possible to not have any other scoring. I guess when your defense blows, there ain’t no stoppin’ nobody lol.

The next game on the list is one of the 2 major upsets on the day. How in God’s name does a franchise-controversy manage to beat a team that is near-perfect based on comparison?
I don’t know either. But the Jets put together a dynamite second quarter that that apparently did it for them, scoring 17 points and after that it was a bunch of field goals by both teams.

The Jets opened the scoring with a FG, then Drew Brees got the Saints in the end zone, then the Jets answered with another FG, then three straight TDs (one by Saints and the next two were short scrambles into the end zone for the Jets, then 2 FGs by each team rounded out a 26-20 Jets win.
They now have some momentum heading to Ralph Wilson Stadium next weekend to play the Bills. Based on the tendencies of both of these teams, I would say this is the biggest upset of the entire weekend, even regardless of what happens tonight.

Perhaps the only real pressure-cooker yesterday took place in Washington where the Redskins took on the San Diego Chargers. What on earth is happening to this once-dominant NFL club? The Chargers used to shock the shit out of everyone, including my Colts (at the time). Philip Rivers could have won this game in regulation time if he could have converted 3 times from the Redskins 10. Instead they lost in overtime when Robert Griffin III did what he had to do, and delivered a 30-24 OT win.

He ain’t RG 0-3 anymore. He’s RG 3-5.

I guess the other huge upset happened at the Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, NC yesterday when the Falcons travelled to play the Panthers. I don’t know If there is going to be any stopping QB Cam Newton. He really is turning into money-in-the-bank (both his and the Panthers’).

He had two touchdowns on the board before Falcons’ QB Matt Ryan could get one on the board in the first half. Atlanta shut him down for the entire third quarter in terms of scoring but then they forgot about him in the fourth and Newton lit everyone up like a Christmas tree and blew the game away with 17 unanswered points.

Newton had 249 yards to show for it. Atlanta had nothing in the 3rd and 4th quarters and now watch as their record drops to 2-6 while the surging Panthers now sit at 5-3.

There were over 73,000 fans at that game. Now people are starting to ask if the Panthers are now a threat to the Saints. One more Panther win and the two will be tied for first in the NFC South.

Newton is currently at a completion percentage of 64%, which is impressive. He also has a quarterback rating of 93. Not bad either. He has 4 legitimate receivers to whom to get the ball to. He had no interceptions in their previous 3 games (that changed yesterday of course).

However, before anybody starts getting into celebration mode, note that 4 of their next 5 games are going to be incredibly incredibly dangerous (San Fran, New England, Dolphins and Saints). If Carolina can get to Tom Brady that week that they play him, that changes everything in that game and puts Carolina in the favoured section.

When you look at what happened to the Oakland Raiders when they played Philadelphia, it looks las though Michael Vick may have played. He did not. Philadelphia still won. In fact they plastered Oakland, 49-20.

Nick Foles put up Manning numbers. Seven touchdowns, 406 yards. It was 28-13 at the half and Foles was nowhere near done for the day. Twenty-one points in the two middle quarters and the Raiders were done like dinner, at home.

Philly bad-boy Riley Cooper had two touchdowns in the second quarter. LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson added one each early in the second half and Cooper had his trifecta of touchdowns to end the third quarter. Eagles improve to 4-5, Raiders drop to 3-5 but are still 3-2 on home field.

The third near-shocker of the day took place in Seattle, WA where Tampa Bay scored 21 points in the second quarter alone; that is more than they average per game these days.

Tampa led at the half and they also led through three quarters. Seattle however woke up in time and scored 10 in the fourth quarter and then kicked a FG in OT to win 27-24. Tampa Bay QB Mike Glennon threw 2 TDs and WR Mike James threw one too.

Next on the shock list was the Browns and what they got away with against Baltimore. Cleveland QB Jason Campbell threw for 263 yards and 3 TDs as the Browns provided real entertainment and even improved to 3-2 at Browns Stadium as they sent the champs home with a 3-5 overall record and a 24-18 defeat.

The game was neck-and-neck all the way through, in some ways, that is shocking too. Cleveland got the first TD on a Davone Bess 1-yard catch. He scored another TD in the second quarter as Cleveland led 14-3. Baltimore got one back from Marlon Brown by Gary Barnidge responded in the third to go up 21-10 advantage Browns.

The Pittsburgh/New England game was awesome, until the fourth quarter. Pittsburgh forgot about defense, except for Troy Polamalu who still made tackles, but nobody else did. Tom Brady lit up the scoreboard, again and Pats scored 28 points in the 4th to win 55-31.

Danny Amendola and Rob Gronkowski did some of the damage but Stephen Ridley and Aaron Dobson scored 2 each and LeGarrette Blount scored the team’s final TD.

Of the possible upsets on the day, Houston had Indianapolis down 21-3 but Andrew Luck stepped up and delivered in the second half for the Colts, coming back to win, 27-24.

Houston QB Case Keenum threw 350 yards for the Texans and 3 TDs. He had a 62-yarder to Andrew Johnson and a 41-yard pass also to Johnson in the first quarter.

To recap the upsets/surprises for the week, we have:

-Cleveland won against Baltimore

-The Jets won over New Orleans

-Carolina beat up on Atlanta-and finally, Seattle needed OT in order to beat Tampa, after trailing for nearly half of the game.


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