Sunday Night Football: Denver Broncos at Indianapolis Colts

Andrew Luck vs Peyton Manning

BY:Jeff Schneberk

Sunday night’s NFL football showdown probably won’t be the same spectacle of the Super Bowl, but it could come pretty close.
I think it’s a matter of ‘Luck’ that this game is part of the 2013 NFL schedule.

One of the top younger quarterbacks in the game today vs. one of the best.

Also added to your viewing pleasure, that same best QB is making his only appearance in his former field.
Oh, man, what a show this is going to be.

Andrew Luck, the ‘new’ kid vs Peyton (the best). put it best in saying that the past, present and the future quarterbacks of the Indianapolis Colts will meet Sunday night, and if you happen you have a ticket to it, you are invited!

I don’t of course, but it’s going to be good to watch in the comfort of my own living room, on a 30”+ big-screen TV too.
I wonder if Peyton is getting nervous at all, the days leading up to this game that not every player in professional sports has to do-play against your old/first team, in their stadium?

Brett Favre, one of the other most accomplished players in professional sports, said he was really nervous in his return to Lambeau Field as a member of the Minnesota Vikings.
I can see that. I wonder if Manning does?
I don’t know if there is a bigger test for either team. The Colts are good, the Broncos have been playing better, both teams have what they need to win, it’s just a matter of who wins!
There will never be another QB ever with Peyton Manning’s instincts, his football knowledge, football intelligence, presence in the pocket, and, as of this season, his apparent arm strength.
For now the big question for the Indy fans is, can Luck be the same beast that Peyton Manning has become?
Manning ran, what is for the most part, this same Colts team, at will for a very long time. He ran the offense from 1998-2010; at some point within that time frame, he was given the freedom to call his own plays!
How many quarterbacks are given the freedom to do that??!
Andrew Luck is off to one hell of a good start. He has already won a playoff game, he has won 15 of his first 22 NFL games. Nine of those wins have come from game-winning drives. He ran into a roadblock 2 Sunday nights ago in Oakland when the Raiders found a way to stop him, but other than that one, Luck has been rock solid.
But as a handful of NFLers have said, it is going to be tough to really compare the two, even based on their stats, which clearly shows that Luck will be as good. But Manning has done way too much in this league, and hopefully he isn’t done.
Anyone who has ever had anything to do with Stanford University over the past 5-10 years will rave for Luck; anyone who has ever played against Manning over the past 15 years, will do the same for him!


Luck vs Manning


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