Michigan has been driving their fans absolutely up a wall for nearly two months, tonight was No Different


Michigan M

This game was Incompetence at its finest

BY:Jeff Schneberk

Well there was no Notre Dame on the NCAA Div I Football Schedule this weekend, so for an hour or so there was nothing left to watch other than their hated rivals, the Michigan Wolverines.
Michigan has not been playing well lately, or at all for that matter.
They literally escaped with a slim win over Akron earlier this season.

They did not escape with anything tonight when they traveled to Beaver Stadium at University Park (Pennsylvania).

It did not come easy for the Penn State Nittany Lions however.

In fact if there were any fans of both teams watching this football game together in the same room, there is a chance that one of them probably got hurt.
There were botched catches (Allen Robinson 8-Penn State), both teams missed easy field goals, in the Overtime.
And the game needed not one or two, but 4 Overtime periods.

Late in the third quarter, Robinson looked to be the hero of the day when he caught a pass late in the fourth quarter to send it to OT but fumbled the ball once they got to OT and gave Devin Gardner,

Michigan’s QB a golden opportunity to win the game then they missed a chip-shot FG and gave the ball back to the Nitts.

Michigan was handed its first loss of the season and sit at 5-1 (1-1 in the Big Ten) and the Lions improve their record to 4-2 (also 1-1 in the Big Ten).

The Wolvies came into the game ranked at 18 in the AP Top 25 but will likely slip a bit by Sunday evening.

Bill Belton ran for a 2-yard touchdown in the 4th OT to lift the Nitts to a 43-40 win in what may have been Head Coach Bill O’Brien’s biggest win in his two seasons with the Nittany Lions.

His QB wasn’t too shabby either, Christian Hackenberg was good in regulation on the tying drive. He completed passes of 29 yards and 33 yards to Brandon Felder and Allen Robinson to bring the ball to the Wolvie 1 with 29 ticks left on the clock.

The Freshman QB ran for the first rushing TD against UM all season long, and it tied the affair at 34-34.
Michigan led 10-7 at the end of the first quarter, Penn State took a 21-10 lead going into halftime.

Michigan answered back with two TD in the third quarter and a FG; Penn State could only muster up a FG and trailed 27-24 heading to the fourth.
And the home side scored 10 points in the 4th, Michigan had a TD to send in to OT tied at 34-34.



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