MLB Baseball

I don’t even care who wins the game, the series, or even the World Series at the end of this month, but I wanted the Rays to win last night.

I wanted to see this team come back and force a Game 5 where anything could have happened.
After what happened on Monday night, I was hoping Tampa would come back and force a deciding Game 5 with the Boston Red Sox.

The Rays had won three must-win road games in three cities over four days just to get into the division series, so they felt good about their chances of coming back against the Red Sox.

Actually I think I would rather see the baseball players do it the way the hockey guys do it, all through the post season, not just for part of the post season.
The other night, Jose Lobaton picked the best possible time to hit a home run, in the bottom of the ninth inning with two runners out in a tied game.

Even better was that Tampa staved off elimination. As anyone who cares, knows. It’s all game over now for Tampa Bay as the Red Sox won 3-1 last night to advance to the American League Championship Series.
Their opponent in that series will be determined tonight when Oakland entertains Detroit (and hopefully everyone that tunes in to watch).

If I am the Red Sox, I am hoping that whoever wins tonight, has to play through a 15-20 inning game and inflicts some wear and tear on them, then they get to play the well-rested Red Sox, I believe action begins on Friday night.

Over in the National League, who woulda thought, the Pirates? Of all teams, the Pirates. Anyone who knows, and anyone who thinks they know, is going with the more-experienced St. Louis Cardinals to triumph. Funny how is already talking about the series like it is over before the game even starts.

The other team that is left is the LA Dodgers. They topped the Atlanta Braves the other day and they will await either Pittsburgh or St. Louis, the winner of which advances to the World Series.


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