Brutal Loss For Dallas Cowboys

cowboys vs broncos official game banner

Broncos take Victory Formation in a tie game

BY:Jeff Schneberk

If Kelly Holcomb is out there somewhere watching, he probably knows exactly what Tony Romo is thinking right now, coming off a record setting night of football, after Romo did just about everything-right.

Holcomb, quarterbacking the Cleveland Browns in 2004, put up 413 yards and joined Cincinnati’s Carson Palmer in putting up one of the highest scoring NFL games of all time; the two combined for 106 points.

Only problem for Holcomb and Romo is they came out on the losing end of what was by far the most intense, and entertaining game, of their respective weeks. They both also threw 5 touchdowns in their losses.

This Romo character is a quarterback who makes defenders look stupid while executing move after move in the backfield, extending the play until he can find an open receiver downfield.

Romo started left, then went right, then left again and looked like he was sacked, but wasn’t. He spun out of the sack when the defensive lineman had him by the jersey (seriously, where have these moves been Tony?), and went back to his left, buying more time than you see just about any quarterback get in the NFL.

Nobody has come close in the previous 4 weeks of NFL action to stopping Peyton Manning, but Dallas’ defense nearly did. When Manning got the ball back with less than two minutes left, anything could have happened.

This game is reportedly the 4th highest scoring game in NFL history.
Dallas and Denver combined for 1,039 all-purpose yards in what was the second-highest scoring game dating back to the NFL-AFL merger which took place in 1970.

The Cleveland Browns (of all teams) and Cincinnati Bengals combined for 106 points back in 2004.

Denver maintained their perfect season on Mike Prater’s winning field goal kick from about 28 yards and gave them a 51-48 lead.

Almost as important was the game will partially be remembered as Tony Romo’s typical night out. He threw for over 500 yards, and had five interceptions (those are usually Manning’s numbers), but Romo’s second interception set up the Broncos at the Dallas 30 yard line.
Romo gets credit for the first 500-yard passing game in Dallas Cowboys history.

Manning got the Broncos down the Dallas 1, then kneeled twice in Victory Formation to set up the ball in the centre of the field to give Prater better positioning.

Dallas took a 48-41 lead when Romo found Dez Bryant with a 79-yard pass and that set up a TD toss to Cole Beasley.

Manning threw for 414 yards and answered that with a nine-play 73-yard drive which ended with Knowshon Moreno tying the game with a 1-yard TD with 2:44 remaining.

Manning broke the record for TD passes through five games with his 19th on a pass to Thomas in the second quarter. Daunte Culpepper, playing for Minnesota in 2004, held the previous record of 18 TD passes through five games.

Denver next puts their perfect record on the line against the hapless Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 6. The Jaguars suffered another beatdown today against the St. Louis Rams.

cowboys vs broncoscowboysvsbroncos


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