Bye-Bye Mr. Williams. Good Luck in the NFL. They Probably Don’t Need YOU

chris williams

BY:Jeff Schneberk

So, it did not take Chris Williams all that long to find employment again.

After leaving one team out in the blue mostly because all he thinks about is himself, he has managed to find what he wanted, apparently all along, and that is a shot in the NFL.

Good luck buddy.

The wide receiver, who negotiated his release from the CFL’s Hamilton Tiger Cats this week, has signed a contract with the New Orleans Saints, his agent said Thursday.

On Wednesday, Williams and the Ticats reached an agreement to allow CFL’s top special-teams player last year to pursue opportunities in the NFL. I wonder what, if anything, Hamilton gets in return for this?

Probably nothing.

Apparently if he does not make the Saints active roster, he will still be under contract with the Tiger-Cats. Are they even sure they would want an NFL reject on their hands considering the way things went going back to the spring when he said he wasn’t going to report to camp? I’m sure Kent Austin would absolutely love to see this scum bag back in Tabbie Town…

Contract details weren’t immediately available, but the 25-year-old Williams stands to make much more than the $48,000 base salary he was scheduled to earn this season in Hamilton.

The NFL’s 2013 minimum salary is $405,000.

Under terms of the deal with Hamilton, should Williams return to the CFL either this season or next, it must be with the Ticats. However, given that Williams received multiple NFL offers moments after being free to entertain them, it’s doubtful he’ll be back in Canada anytime soon.

Of course, he still has to pass the test of making the transition to the vastly-superior of the two football leagues.

Neither the Ticats nor the CFL commented on the deal with the Saints on Thursday.

Williams, a native of Fort Worth, Texas, went to arbitration to be released from the final year of his deal with Hamilton to pursue NFL offers. In June, arbitrator E.E. Palmer ruled the Ticats violated the CFL’s collective bargaining agreement with the CFL Players’ Association by negotiating with an unregistered agent.

However, Palmer said the penalty for that was a fine, not the termination of the contract. The Ticats weren’t fined because the CFLPA didn’t ask that one be imposed.

Williams signed a deal with Hamilton in 2011 that was negotiated by an agent not registered with the CFLPA. He contended he wasn’t made fully aware of the conditions pertaining to his rookie contract and that Hamilton didn’t offer him the one-year plus an option deal, but rather just the two-year plus an option.

It’s doubtful Williams will immediately crack New Orleans’ strong active roster. The Saints (4-0) are deep at receiver and tight end, and boast one of the NFL’s top kick returners in Darren Sproles.
If his first NFL game were to be this weekend, which hopefully it won’t be, his first opponent would be the Chicago Bears, in Chicago.

-Mark Ingram RB out of Alabama
-Darren Sproles RB
-Marques Colston WR and also kick returner, which was Williams’ biggest strength

This team is already deep in the receiving categories.



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