The Jacksonville Jaguars


How About Josh Freeman to Jacksonville??!?

BY:Jeff Schneberk

So, the General Manager of the Jacksonville Jaguars claims that he is not ready to hold a fire sale? Well isn’t that good to know. After all, how much worse can it possible get for this south Florida-based franchise.

GM David Caldwell said yesterday (Thursday) that his trading of left tackle Eugene Monroe to the Baltimore Ravens for draft picks is not a sign that he is looking to un-load other valuable talent.

Heck, look what happened since the Browns dealt their top draft pick from this year’s Entry Draft to the Indianapolis Colts! If I am not mistaken, they have yet to lose since that deal was made. In fact they beat a couple of potential heavy-hitters (upstart Cincy and Buffalo).

Maybe the Browns and Jaguars are onto something here. Maybe not. Caldwell also singled out running back Maurice Jones-Drew and linebacker Paul Posluszny, who are two of the veterans subject to the most trade speculation.

Caldwell also added that tight end Marcedes Lewis and guard Uche Nwaneri are also both, not going anywhere.

But what about if one of them wants to get out? According to ESPN this afternoon, Lewis will not be dressing for Sunday’s game with the Rams but receiver Cecil Shorts will be. The suspension of No. 1 receiver Justin Blackmon has also hurt the Jaguars.

He also said he wasn’t planning on shopping Monroe and that the Ravens initiated that move, and it got done quickly, and the Jags wound up with a fourth, and a fifth-round pick in the 2014 draft. Apparently that gives the Jags 10 total picks for 2014 (sounds a little bit like Cleveland, huh?).

One of the reasons he was willing to make the trade was that the Jaguars had a player who could slide into Monroe’s spot. Look for Luke Joeckel, whom the team had taken with the No. 2 overall pick last April, had been working at right tackle all season but was considered the team’s left tackle of the future.

That all should work in Caldwell’s favour and plan, of building for the future through the draft rather than trying to sign key free agents.

I guess if someone figures how many draft picks you could possibly land in a deal involving Jones-Drew, they could add even more (top) picks to the count. How many first-round picks could any one team in this league have?

“Ten picks is good,” Caldwell said. “Obviously it’s better than seven, eight or nine, but you’d like to have as many as you can get to build that because you can trade for future picks. Sometimes you can take a 4 [fourth-round pick] and turn it into a future 3 and take a future 3 and turn it into a future 2, and eventually you end up with two 1s at some point. It gives you a lot of flexibility.

In any case, something needs to be done. It wasn’t all that long ago when the Jags were one of those teams that nobody ever wanted to play against in the playoffs.

Even though today, they sit at 0-4 and could very well get more picks for Jones-Drew, Posluzny and Lewis and the rest of ‘em, Caldwell suggests that each of them aren’t going anywhere.

“We’ll always answer our phone,” he said. “Trades are difficult to do in the season, and we have no intention of trading anybody on our roster right now.”

A quick glance at the schedule tells us that Jacksonville next heads to St. Louis for a Sunday afternoon game against the Rams. Just the remedy for a team that sits in the NFL basement.

Something is needed to get the bad taste out of their mouths from last week’s 37-3 drubbing against the Indianapolis Colts, and possibly another nightmare scare at Sports Authority Field the following week. Actually chances are that Rams’ Head Coach Jeff Fisher is looking at this game the same way the Jags are.

The Jaguars are also only slightly ahead of St. Louis with 49.0 rushing yards per game despite having three-time All-Pro Maurice Jones-Drew in their backfield.
Jones-Drew is averaging 2.4 yards per attempt after managing 23 yards on 13 carries Sunday.

“It’s been pretty tough,” Jones-Drew said. “It’s been the same every year, though. People load the box when they play us. We just have to go back to what we do best and that’s all of us getting back on the same page and running the ball with a mindset of let’s get it going.”

“It meant a lot to know your GM and your head coach think that much of you to sit you down,” said Jones-Drew, who is in the final year of his contract and is being paid $4.95 million. “Obviously you hear a bunch of talk all the time so it was good to sit down and kind of clear the airways and just get back to football and playing the game that we want to play well and that I love.”

He might be able to find some holes against the banged-up Rams, who have allowed 412 yards on the ground the past two weeks. St. Louis also has lost safety T.J. McDonald for at least six weeks with a broken right leg, while cornerback Cortland Finneganand linebacker Will Witherspoon are day-to-day with hamstring injuries.

Maybe this weekend’s game will be (another) good chance to let former University of Michigan QB/RB/HB Denard Robinson do a little bit of that damage that he has been known to create during his NCAA days.
Currently listed as the Jags’ WR, Robinson is 6-0 197 lbs of running power.

He first started playing QB in college then got moved all over the offense (except for the line) probably because of his extreme versatility. Barring an injury, hopefully we see more of that damage this weekend. He has struggled to find his ‘game’ a little bit in the pros but with any luck that could change.

FUN FACTS-The Tonight Show with Jay Leno had a little bit of fun at the Jaguars expense the other day. He has popped them twice in the past few weeks, including this zinger:

‘While the Oneida Indian Nations wants the Washington Redskins to drop the name Redskins because they consider it a racial slur, the city of Jacksonville wants the Jaguars to stop using the name Jacksonville because they suck.’

-In fact, if the team keeps up its current statistical pace, it’ll fall somewhere between the 2008 Lions and 1976 Bucs, both of which failed to win a game and are generally recognized as the two worst teams in modern NFL history. Even though Tampa had an excuse at the time, they were just an expansion team!

-The Jaguars are averaging 7.8 points per game

-They’ve been outscored 78-5 in the first half and have scored only five points in two home games.

Q: How many Jacksonville Jaguars does it take to change a tire?

A: One, unless it’s a blowout, in which case they all show up.

Q: What do the Jacksonville Jaguars and possums have in common?

A: Both play dead at home and get killed on the road.

There have been some reports saying that the Jags have “very little to none” (interest) in acquiring for Tampa Bay castaway QB Josh Freeman.

Supposedly he made a few boo-boos with Tampa and Jacksonville says they aren’t interested in acquiring his services. My question is ‘what have you got to lose?’ it’s not like there are a ton of proven good QBs in the league and Jacksonville right now has about as much appeal as A-Rod does in the baseball world (popularity wise). Unless Jacksonville could re-train Denard Robinson to run the offense the way he did at Michigan, what else are their options. If Freeman has even half the talent Tampa Bay thought he had, it couldn’t be that bad a move, plus he wouldn’t have to travel very far for more employment.

ESPN says that the Freeman situation in Tampa Bay was a soap opera. Yeah, if it’s the head coach’s fault it would be a soap opera but I wouldn’t blame that on Freeman until he gets another chance somewhere else. Besides, Tampa Bay has never been very football friendly anyways.



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