BY:Jeff Schneberk

When I got home last night, after yet another long day of hockey blogging, I came across something on the Internet I found slightly disturbing.

The Leafs are now 2-0 to start the season and it’s given everybody in Leafland a chance to finally blow off some of that steam that been inside us for the better part of about 10 years. Wins over Montreal and Philadelphia were hard to come by in the years leading up to last year’s shortened season.

Now, the worst news to come out of Toronto would be an injury (and there is yet another one but
I’ll get into that later).

Then I came across a newspaper story (online) from a Toronto Star reporter that troubled me greatly. Anyone sensitive to bad news should probably stop reading right now.

Read it if you must, but I wouldn’t.

As previously mentioned, the Blue and White are looking pretty much ‘not blue’ right now yet this guy, named Curtis Rush felt the need to remind all of us that things don’t always go the way they seem to, even when a team wins back-to-back games to start the season.

These two wins also came two-and-a-half days after Leafs ended the pre-season (with another win) then had just over two days to get ready for the season that matters.

I mentioned it briefly in a previous blog, and Hockey Night in Canada commentator Don Cherry mentioned the schedule maker (at least for the Leafs) messed up big.

Anyways this ‘star’ reporter, who apparently isn’t even a sports reporter, suggested that even a few more wins in the column won’t foreshadow any kind of a winning season but what I find the worst is that someone is not content to enjoy the wins as they come, like I am!
Who is thinking about any kind of (Stanley Cup) parade in late September or October.

Half of us are now balancing our precious time between NHL which obviously just started, the NFL, which is in full swing, the NCAA Div I football season, which in my opinion is a beautiful addition to the television schedule, and for those of us who actually have time for it, the Canadian football season (a CFL QB just got fined for calling a fan a f-nut).

I think my whole point here is that any kind of ‘parade’ at this time of year is ridiculous and if you don’t sit back and enjoy these games/wins as they happen, you are going to miss out on something.

Anyways upcoming games with the Ottawa Senators and the sort-of new look Colorado Avalanche. Ottawa opens their season tonight against Buffalo and the Avs are 1-1 and play tonight against Nashville.

The injury I mentioned before says that D Mark Fraser could miss up to one month with a knee injury from Wednesday night’s 3-1 win at Wells Fargo in Philadelphia.



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