Too Bad Tony Gonzalez Can’t Play Defense

Well, for most of that one, the Falcons looked like they couldn’t do anything right.

Until midway through the fourth quarter, the only thing Matt Ryan’s receivers could probably catch was a cold.

Atlanta scored the game’s first points, and as funny as it seemed, they scored the last points too, but all the drops and misses and bad route-running by Matt Ryan’s receivers, and the Falcons were not going to come out on top in this one.

The only bright spot for Falcons’ fans on this night was the play of Tony Gonzalez. He had a career night. He did everything right. The rest of his team (receivers) did not wake up until it was too late.

Matt Ryan did throw for 421 yards, but he could have had a ton more if his WRs and TEs could actually catch the football when he threw it to them.

Atlanta now drops to 1-2 and the Patriots remain perfect at 4-0.
Ryan came up slightly shorter than Tom Brady on 3rd down conversions, only converting on six out of 14 attempts, and went 0-3 on 4th downs, including the last play of Atlanta’s final drive when a TD would have sent the game into OT, but Ryan’s pass was high to Roddy White in the end zone.

Overall on the night, Ryan’s efficiency was 34-54 and he threw one interception. Brady had no interceptions and also had one of his best QB ratings of the first four weeks of the NFL season, registering a 119.8; Ryan recorded 91.7.

The other good news for the ‘Brady Bunch’ was that the Pats’ QB finally found his receivers all on the same page he was. Through the first three weeks of the season, Brady sometimes looked like he would rather be somewhere else, he even told the media during a conference that he “needs to work on his body language”. That’s funny. Tom Brady has never said anything like that before.

The even better news is that his receivers probably don’t have to wear name tags anymore. Wes Welker is gone, Randy Moss in long gone. Deion Branch is history too, and Rob Gronkowski remains the biggest question in Foxborough these days, as to when he will be ready to go after having all those surgeries.

Now Brady is throwing to Kenbrell Thompkins, LeGarrettee Blount and Julian Edelman. Not playing tonight due to an injury was Danny Amendola.

Tonight, Brady threw for 316 yards and a pair of touchdowns as the Pats held off a late Atlanta attack, to win 30-23. NE led 30-13 at the half before Ryan’s receivers finally started to catch the ball.
Atlanta receiver Tony Gonzalez had a career night with 2 TDs, 12 catches for 149 yards. Gonzalez has a reputation for taking a licking and continuing the ticking.

Atlanta looked to be destined to get even closer after they recovered their own onside kick. Zach Neufeld of NE could not hang on and the Falcons recovered but had to settle for a field goal trailing by 10 points with time running out.

Could put the rest of the scores in here…
Broncos 52, Eagles 20: Manning the Magnificent. Again
Eagles didn’t have as much of a chance as wel all thought they did
:Manning has his 16TD pass of the season
:he is definitely on his way (again) to smashing
another NFL TD record
Bills 23, Ravens 20: Joe Flacco throws 5 interceptions and Buffalo

Lions 40, Bears 23: Jay Cutler throws for 317 yards and still loses
:Matthew Stafford throws 242 and only 1 TD and wins
:teammate Reggie Bush also runs for only 1 TD

Kansas City 31, NY Giants 7:things just keep getting worse for Eli Manning
:teammate Justin Tuck threatens to punch any teammate who challenges coach Coughlin.

Minnesota 34, Pittsburgh 27: Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger
should both get together and look into starting some kind of male support group for former Super Bowl champion quarterbacks that are under 30 years of age.

:if their seasons keep going like this, they are probably going to need it!

Arizona 13, Tampa Bay 10:when you can only muster up 13 points in an
NFL game, there is something wrong somewhere. Even if you manage to win with 13 points.
:after benching QB Josh Freeman, Tampa Bay appears to be in a world of hurt.
:the Cardinals are not a strong club.

Indianapolis 37, Jacksonville 3 :the Colts defense is doing something right in order to hold Maurice Jones-Drew to a measely 23 yards on 13 carries.
:Jax scores a field goal in the first quarter and were shutout completely for the rest of the game.

Seattle 23, Houston 20: one of the few good games yesterday (Sunday)
:Texans were slightly favoured, and they slightly lost, by a FG in OT.
Tennessee 38, NY Jets 13:Tennessee QB Jake Locker was still in hospital earlier today, no idea about now.
:he threw for 149 yards and had 3 TD passes.
:the Jets are turning into just another team that every other team should want to play.

Washington 24, Oakland 14 :Things are falling back into place for RG 1-3
:things are falling out of place for the Terrelle Pryor-less Oakland Raiders.
:this game would have been a horror show for the Redskins had the Raiders won.

San Diego 30, Dallas 21:Dallas scored all 21 points in the second quarter, then apparently they stopped playing.
:Charger QB Phillip Rivers threw for over 400 yards and had 3 TD passes.

New England 30, Atlanta 23 :Tom Brady’s receivers will soon not need their name tags anymore, even though none of us still have no clue who any of them are.
:Atlanta came close to tying this game when Matt Ryan missed Roddy White who was in the end zone on a 4th down pass.


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