The Trent Richardson Trade

press conference

BY:Jeff Schneberk

I am not a Browns fan and even I am insulted by this trade

I actually used to be a Browns fan about 7 years ago, but it didn’t last very long.

I know it’s a little late to start going on and on about ‘the trade’ but I find room to sympathize with an organization like the NFL’s Browns, having been brought up a Leaf fan, I can see where the frustration sits.

When I tried to find a good picture of him, I had trouble with it. I don’t want to find a picture of him in his Cleveland uniform, no Browns fan wants to see that again, and I don’t want to get a picture of him playing for Indy yet, well, because he hasn’t done anything yet, so I opted for a generic one.

I see a lot of work ahead of this team and none of it involves the actual football team that you see take the field every weekend from now until mid-December.

It should be relatively easy for the team to take Richardson’s photo off the front of its official app and on some of the pages of the team website. A more costly process would be to republish the team’s pocket schedules, which feature Trent Richardson on the front of it.
For two straight days, the trade was highlighted on the front page of
The Cleveland Browns are officially on the clock. The Browns must deliver a franchise quarterback in the 2014 draft, or the next excruciatingly painful 14 weeks will be an utter waste. Very possibly the next 14 years, that’s if they are not careful.

The white (or the red flag, one of the two) flag was raised on the Browns’ 2013 season Wednesday afternoon when they shocked the football world by trading running back Trent Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts for a first-round draft pick.

Some will obviously consider this strange, but just consider who it was that made this crazy deal, then all of the sudden, when you consider the team here, it doesn’t seem so crazy anymore.

What this ever-so-clearly means to anyone who cares, is that 3 people (Browns CEO Joe Banner, GM Mike Lombardi and Coach Rob Chudzinski are pushing ALL of their chips into the 2014 Entry Draft.
Why are they doing this (nobody else appears to be)?
Well, nobody really knows why, for sure.

The next Entry Draft is a long way off. Cleveland has multiple picks in the 1st/3rd and 4th rounds.
That means that they should be able to draft an elite quarterback. Everybody seems to be talking about Louisville’s Teddy Bridgewater, Clemson’s Tajh Boyd, and the master of them all apparently, Texas A/M ‘troublemaker but one hell of a QB’ Johnny Football Manziel.
Can you see the holdout happening…just like when Brady Quinn did it about 7 years ago? I can.

Browns fan have ‘enjoyed’ just two winning seasons since the team re-joined the NFL in 1999. Nobody in the Dawg Pound wants to hear the word ‘rebuilding’. Again.

They want some assurance that this team is headed in the right direction. Right now, hope and offensive talent are in short supply in Cleveland.

Maybe something was ‘up’ on Tuesday night with this team. Wednesday began with the team announcing that 3rd-string QB Brian Hoyer was going to start in place of Brandon Weedon for Sunday’s game at Minnesota, which, low and behold, Cleveland won!

The day ended with Cleveland announcing the arrival of RB Willis McGahee.
Richardson hasn’t exactly lived up to the hype of being the No. 3 overall pick in 2012, but then again, nobody else the Browns have drafted highly have, either. His career average of 3.5 yards per carry is less than pedestrian. It’s easy to say the Browns lost with Richardson and can lose without him.

Thus recognizing that a huge gamble was necessary for it to actually become competitive down the road. This year’s Browns weren’t likely to win more than five or six games, and there wasn’t much to be excited about on the roster. It was time to think outside the box, which meant their best offensive weapon had to be expendable.

For those who are lamenting the idea of a player selected that high being dealt so quickly, let’s look at the hard facts of Richardson. He didn’t fit into the wide-open offense Chudzinski wants to run. He also apparently didn’t impress offensive coordinator Norv Turner — the same Norv Turner who has maximized the talents of star runners such as Emmitt Smith,LaDainian Tomlinson and Ricky Williamsduring his career. Remember, Browns Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown called Richardson “an ordinary talent” after Cleveland drafted the former Alabama star. That assessment looks spot on right now.

The nice thing about all this is that the Browns actually have options. They may not be the kind of choices that excite fans over the next four months, but there was going to be some pain associated with this process eventually. Dallas Cowboys fans were shell-shocked when Jerry Jones traded Herschel Walker to the Minnesota Vikings during the 1989 season. That trade still ranks as the biggest steal ever, largely because Dallas turned a bevy of resulting draft picks into the foundation of a three-time Super Bowl champion in the 1990s.

3 of those options appear to be:

-Louisville’s Teddy Bridgewater

-Clemson’s Tajh Boyd

-Texas A/M’s Johnny Football???

Depending on the number of Cleveland’s 2 top picks in 2014, I like their chances of having possibly 2 of these to choose from.

If you were the one making the decision, who would you want to QB the Browns?



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