No Lulay, No Problem for BC Lions in Riderville.

The Lions and Riders started out boring as hell today.

The Lions and Riders started out boring as hell today.

Riders and Lions Slighly Less Boring Than Colts/49ers Game

BY:Jeff Schneberk
The Saskatchewan Roughriders and BC Lions combined to do something that I never thought they could do. Impressed me enough to be slightly less-boring that the Indianapolis/San Francisco game.
Who said that??!?
Without the services of usual starting QB Travis Lulay, I thought the headline of this piece might be “No Lulay, Big Problem for Lions”, and it definitely started out that way this afternoon in Regina.
The other thing it showed me that the Calgary Stampeders should move over, the Riders have a new rivalry opponent.
For the life of me, I do not understand what attracted the BC Lions to QB Buck Pierce.
Like the thin supermodel who dates Fat Albert, I just don’t understand. Not once has Buck Pierce ever won any confidence from me. Ever since his first couple of starts with Winnipeg in the summer of 2010, I just don’t get it.

I know they know him out in BC and that’s just great but why they signed him to come and play on their team, is beyond me.
This afternoon, Pierce and company are taking on the Saskatchewan Roughriders at Taylor Field at Mosaic Stadium. The score at the half is closer to the score of a hockey game. With the Riders up 9-6. The score was 6-2 Lions for a long time. But neither Lions QB could get anything going.
Thomas DeMarco threw for two touchdowns in his first pro start and Paul McCallum hit a 42-yard field goal with no time on the clock as the B.C. Lions moved into second place in the CFL’s West Division with a 24-22 win Sunday over the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

B.C. (8-4) won its second straight while Saskatchewan (8-4) lost its third in a row.
This is one of the Week 13 matchups that should have been awesome in every way, then it was announced that Travis Lulay would not play. It did not start out being awesome. It was more like punch me out now, I’d rather go to sleep.
The only game that should be worse than this is the Edmonton vs Winnipeg game from Friday night; so far the only difference is that at least those 2 teams could score in bunches.
Saskatchewan QB Darian Durant, who has been the subject of harsh criticism for, well, just about everything these days, appeared to have 2 points in the standings wrapped up; he threw a nice TD pass to WR Weston Dressler with 38 seconds remaining and Rider Nation thought this one was done.
Uh uh.


Not yet.

BC return man Marco Ianuzzi ran the ball 28 yards and QB DeMarco passed for 2 huge 1st downs which set up a game-winning FG by Paul McCallum. According to the TSN broadcast crew, McCallum seemed to be ready to go from 51 yards out.
Keep in mind only 30 seconds early, Dressler had scored on a corner route that sent 39,373 people insane, thinking they had won.

BC should have won this game much earlier but Lions defender Chris Wilson took a very-questionable roughing-the-passer call and that gave Durant a fresh set of downs and then he hit receiver Taj Smith with a 32-yarder.

Rider kicker Chris Milo missed 2 FG attempts in this game.

Rider QB Durant had one hell of a game, statistically, throwing for 326 yards.



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