First Full Line Brawl of the Year for the Leafs


Shanny’s Got Some Work To Do Here

BY:Jeff Schneberk

I feel bad for the time keepers tonight that worked the Leafs/Buffalo game.
Okay, not really, I bet they get paid really good money.
Anyway they had their work cut out for them tonight.
At 10:01 of the third frame at the ACC, the penalties piled up like Jenga Blocks.

Jamie Devane and Corey Tropp, five for fighting, Andrew MacWilliam and Brian Flynn, five for fighting (each), Tyler Bozak and Mike Zigomanis, five for fighting, David Clarkson and John Scott, five for fighting, Jonathan Bernier and Ryan Miller, five for fighting, TJ Brennan and Drew Bagnall, five for fighting, Carter Ashton (Tor), Chad Ruhwedel (Buff) , five for fighting,
A brawl, unlike anything ever seen involving Toronto since then-goaltender Felix Potvin took on crazyman Ron Hextall, took place at the Air Canada Centre tonight.
A brawl erupted between the two teams when Sabres forward Scott dropped his gloves and went after Leafs forward Phil Kessel. Watch it all right here. All 3:07 of it. Including the goalies!

The National Hockey League has its work cut out for it when deciding what to assess the 12+ players that were involved.
The only sure thing from this is a 10-game suspension to Clarkson, who is one of the newest Leafs this year. He wouldn’t have gotten any penalties however unless Buffalo’s John Scott could better pick his battles.
Kessel obviously wouldn’t drop his gloves to fight Scott (not that many NHLers actually would, they would get killed), Scott wasn’t impressed that Kessel wouldn’t ‘go’ but attacked the ‘little guy’ anyways and that’s when Boxing Day Madness broke out and centre ice to the point where the goalies challenged each other to fights, too.
By the time everything was all sorted out and players sent off (about 10 minutes later), the Sabres had more coaches on the bench than players.

Good luck with all this, Brendan Shanahan (The League’s Director of Player Safety), who needs to take into account that the reason that Clarkson left the bench was because the other team’s Giant mercilessly attacked the Leafs’ little guy. If you were Kessel, what would you do? You can’t turtle, right?
He swung his stick at Scott, which isn’t cool either, but what was he supposed to do, try and ‘run away?’
The brawl took place after an initial fight between Toronto’s Jamie Devane and Buffalo’s Corey Tropp.

Overall, in the time the brawl took, over 100 penalty minutes were totaled. Thirty-two penalties were assessed at the 10:01 mark of the 3rd period.
Kessel, offensively, put forth a two-goal performance, and the home side also got goals from Trevor Smith, Josh Leivo and Jake Gardiner and they held a 4-1 lead early in the third, but the Sabres made a game of it, both literally and figuratively.
Nikita Zadorov, Jamie McBain and Corey Tropp pulled the visitors as close as they would get, however, Gardiner’s goal essentially put the game away, Leafs win, 5-3.


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