What the hell is wrong with Toronto UFC fans?

UFC 159: Jones v Sonnen

Jon Jones beat Swede Alexander Gustaffson and is booed by some of the Toronto fight fans that attended on Saturday night. This fight wasn’t al it was made out to be. We had to wait for a judges decision to find out the winner.
You would think it was Mats Sundin in the ring for a one-on-one fight. Toronto fans, cheering the Swede, even after he lost to the American. Then they boo the American? What the hell did Jones do to you guys?
You like the Swedish guy that lost, and apparently detest the American even after he won??!
Both fighters were badly beaten up by the end of the 5th round. Both fighters had their moments but in the end, Jones pulled it out, limping back to his locker room, after the closest fight of his career.
Announcer Joe Rogan said it was a fantastic fight? What is so fantastic about waiting for a judges’ decision to find out who the winner was?
This wasn’t like Joe Weideman beating Anderson Silva in July where Silva went down and it was game over. Tonight both Jones and Gustaffson had the battle scars and both were left standing at the end.


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