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So you go with the goalie who has been there before (beat Detroit in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup) or the goalie who had a few good games in the playoffs last season when they didn’t make it past the second round???


Questions, questions.

The ideal situation for the Pittsburgh Penguins and this so-called goaltending situation would be for the former #1 overall pick and $5 million dollar man, Marc-Andre Fleury to win back his starting position of the Eastern Conference powerhouse, who has made the Cup finals twice in the past five years.

So he had a couple of playoff meltdowns…who hasn’t (after having won at least one championship)?

Fleury, according to Twitter, has the backing of probably the two most important people in all of this, his coach Dan Bylsma and captain Sidney Crosby.

When Fleury is on his game, he is way better than Tomas Vokoun, on his game or not on his game.

One is 27 years old, the other is 38 years old.

Who would you rather have?

Days after the Pittsburgh Penguins‘ 2013 season ended in disastrous fashion, head coach Dan Bylsma and general manager Ray Shero stuck by their goaltender, Marc-Andre Fleury. After another meltdown in the postseason, the organization was not going to throw him under the bus.


As the 2013-14 season approaches, the number one concern with the Penguins is Fleury and where his head is at. He last started in Game 4 against the New York Islanders in the opening round and allowed 14 combined goals in Games 2, 3 and 4, forcing Bylsma to turn to Tomas Vokoun the rest of the way.

With two seasons left on his contract, another poor showing would likely signal the need for Shero to go in a new direction. Fleury knows judgement on him comes beginning with Game 83.

Over the summer Fleury visited a sports psychologist, but as he said on Thursday, in the end he’s the one who has to stop the pucks.

Well, at least he is mature enough to know that much!


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