Look out Raiders!

Not  long after the pre-season started, I did a blog about how much I liked the chances the Oakland Raiders have of experience some success in the NFL for the first time in 10 or so years.

Taking a look at their next opponent on their schedule, I have to say that it might be time to scrap that little bit of optimism. While I still like Terrelle Pryor much more than I ever did Matt Flynn, I now say that I wouldn’t want to be anyone on the Raiders’ roster right now.

Next up is the Denver Broncos.

Denver’s plus-40 point differential is tops in the league after convincing wins against the Ravens and the Giants this past weekend. What’s worse for all the other teams in the league now, is that both Ravens and Giants were supposed to be legitimate contenders not just for the playoffs, but for the Super Bowl. Peyton Manning decimated both teams’ defences, and probably still could have done it even with his eyes glued shut.

The way the Broncos have played, hosting the Raiders will be like having their bye week early.

The Raiders will likely come to Denver next Monday Night with Denver leading the league in two categories that have been important to the Broncos during head coach Fox’s tenure. Oakland is tied for the league-lead in sacks with a total of 9 in two weeks. Tampa Bay, Miami and the Chiefs all have 9 as well and the Raiders also lead the league in rushing, by a wide margin. They currently are at 198.5 yards a game. Most of that is because of Pryor at QB. This Raiders team was ranked at 28th in the league last season but Pryor has completely changed the offensive dynamic of this team. The Broncos will have to defend against the run out of some of their specialty packages.



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