Why, Jags, Why???

BY:Jeff Schneberk@Game7overtime

Oh for the love of God, I honestly thought that when word broke that former NFL player Tim Tebow was being offered a hefty contract to join the Arena Football League (AFL) team that the guys from KISS own, I really thought that would be the last time that I got the urge to write something about Tebow.

I was wrong.

There is somebody, or some people, in Florida (big surprise) that seem to think there still is a chance that the big guy could land a job in the National Football League.

Didn’t this person see enough during the Patriot’s last pre-season game? Unless you get wrapped up in the fact that he threw 2 touchdown passes in that game, still got cut a couple days later, then word spread that he was being offered a contract to play in that same arena league that helped make Kurt Warner somewhat famous, and now this.

The Jacksonville Jaguars.

Boy somewhere David Gerrard is probably laughing to kill himself.

“Make it clear, we the fans, want the Jacksonville Jaguars to bring in Tim Tebow. You know you want to see this happen,” says the web site, jags-tebow.com, reportedly put together by a group of Jaguars fans which apparently, still believe.

There isn’t a lot of optimism down south there right now. The Jaguars were beaten easily yesterday by the Oakland Raiders, 19-9. Starting QB Blaine Gabbert missed the game with a cut on his throwing hand so backup Chad Henne got to play. He actually didn’t play all that badly. He went 25/38 for 241 passing yards and had a TD too.

Jacksonville General Manager David Caldwell has said in the past that he is not interested in adding Tebow to the team’s quarterback depth chart.




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