Seattle + San Francisco = Boring


BY:Jeff Schneberk@Game7overtime

Nine times out of 10, Sunday Night Football in the NFL is not worth staying up for.
Tonight’s ‘battle on the bay’ in Seattle was one of those games.
Featuring two teams both expecting good things (and by good things I mean the Super Bowl) this year, bolstered by top-ranked young quarterbacks, one of whom has been to the big dance before, and the other looks like he will be playing for it one day soon.

The San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks started at 8:30pm tonight (technically it was last night) and they just finished now (at 12:48 am EST).

This game was supposed to be good. This game was supposed to be really good.

This game sucked.

This game was delayed 60 minutes late in the first quarter when thunderstorms blew through the area. The highly-anticipated NFC West showdown was sloppy as opposed to sensational, but Marshawn Lynch more than did his part.

This was one of those games you try and force yourself to watch, and then check your watch every couple minutes to see how much time as gone by.

There were a total of 5 points on the scoreboard at the half, all 5 were for Seattle, a safety when Bruce Miller was called for offensive holding in his own end zone, and a Steven Hauschka field goal from 30 yards out.

The third quarter was nearly half done by the time Lynch scored his first of two TDs.
If this game was any sign of what 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick is going to be doing for the rest of the year, either teach him some accuracy, or trade him to another team that is interested in throwing picks all night.
Kaepernick is better than he played tonight, at least I sure as hell hope he is. Three interceptions is not what Coach Harbaugh expects from the quarterback that helped get the Niners to the Super Bowl last year.
Kaepernick finished with a completion rate of 13/28 and got only 127 yards in total with an absolutely dismal QB rating of 20.1.
Seattle QB Russell Wilson played better on the whole, but his numbers were not much better despite winning easily.

Wilson completed 8/19 passes for 142 total yard had a touchdown and an interception and his final rating was 63.9.

In fact both QBs were horrible when you consider that asides from the Manning Bowl this afternoon in New York, the Seahawks/Niners game would have been the highlight of the weekend…sort of.
Seattle’s Lynch did most of the damage on the ground for the home team, carrying the ball 28 times for 98 yards and scoring two running TDs.
For what it is worth, Kaepernick somehow managed to be the best played in a white jersey on the field all night long.

That’s right, the rest of the team sucked worse than he did. He had almost 90 yards in rushing all night, while the running backs collectively managed 13! He was given plenty of protection by the offensive line all night long but given the type of QB he is, he doesn’t really need it; he can run the ball like his name is Michael Vick.

Speaking of QBs that can play like Michael Vick, Washington Redskins coaching staff now has one of the most interesting debates on their hand of the entire season. Having some kid nicknamed ‘RGIII’ at the helm of the offence, and knowing that he is still experienced large amounts of pain in that knee that he screwed up (co-incidentally it was against this same Seattle Seahawks team that just beat the shit out of Colin Kaepernick), and now Redskins coaches need to decide if now may be the right time to take out RGIII, and try the tested Michigan State Spartan warrior, Kirk Cousins. Cousins does not have the same amount of mobility Robert Griffin III possesses, but then again, who does?


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