Leaf Training Camp Part II

BY:Jeff Schneberk @Game7overtime


As Toronto journalists continue to look for more, and more, and more and more things to write about now the that actual pre-season opening game is all of 2 ½ days away, we look at what more can possibly be said on the team just ahead of the opener against Philadelphia.

I don’t remember who Nazem Kadri played with last season, but for whatever reason, the only thing anyone in Toronto seems to want to know is, who is Kadri skating with today?

Well, I think I found that answer.

For a long time now, people have been complaining (Leafs fans that is) that the Leafs don’t have a true #1 centre player. A lot of teams around the league have that ‘true centre’ player on their team, but not since Doug Gilmour, have the Leafs ever had that one true centre player, the guy who made everyone else on their line better, and who could mix it up with the other lines too, in case anyone was getting into a scoring funk.

Last season and the season before that, University of Denver product Tyler Boaz seemed the fit the bill just fine. He was one of the team’s best face-off men, and for all those of you watching Game 7 that night in Boston, it was an absolute disaster to hear the TV crew announce (after Boaz took part in the pre game) that he would not be declared fit to play, and would sit out.

Anyways, fast forward to the present and the recent signing of the kid killed Kadri, he did not look one foot out of place, skating alongside the Leafs top gunner, Phil Kassel.

Kadri, for his part, is not the least bit surprised that on the second day of camp, things look good.

“We have depth (and size) and no matter where guys are slotted, we’re going to be able to get results, but being the number-one centre is something I have wanted from Day 1.”

Kadri added that since he started playing hockey, he has always wanted to be the go-to guy for his team.

Here’s hoping, on behalf of how many millions of people, that he is on his way to just that.


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