It is Manning vs Manning Again


BY:Jeff Schneberk @Game7overtime

When everything is said and done, hopefully around 10 years from now, when looking at the best of the two brother quarterbacks in the National Football League, which brother will go down as being the best quarterback, Eli or Peyton Manning?
That of course is assuming that both are retired from football come 2020, or so, one of them, and only one, can be remembered as the better of the two Manning brothers.
‘The Manning Boys’ as they are being called, at least for this weekend’s big game, are going head-to-head for the first time this season as Peyton’s Broncos are in New Jersey to play Eli’s Giants, 4:25pm, EST.
Every single week on the NFL season, there is going to be that one game that people circle on their calendars; sometimes it’ll be the Monday Nighter, sometime it’ll be the Sunday Nighter, what it is going to be this weekend, will the The Manning Bowl.
When the kickoff takes place on Sunday afternoon, the only people I will feel bad for are the guys that make up the defences. This has the potential to be a very high scoring game. I am not looking at ‘7 touchdown’ high scoring like we all witnessed a week ago, but high octane nonetheless.
Peyton always come through with the bigger performance when playing the Giants (and his brother), however, here is a category breakdown look at how both of the brothers fare against each other (Eli came out on top in more of these categories than you will think!).

Who Is Smarter?
-winner Peyton (4 votes to 1)

Who has the Stronger Passing Arm?
-winner Eli, they gave it to Eli by a 4-1 count

Who Is the Better Leader?
-winner Peyton, there is nobody on earth that could replace what Peyton brings to his team. He could coach them for crying out loud, which is actually one of the next questions given to the panel on this topic.

Who Would Make The Better Coach?
-winner Peyton (3-2)

Who Throws the Better Deep Ball?
-winner Eli (4-1)

Who is the Most Accurate Passer?
-winner Peyton (one of the 2-3 categories where Peyton swept Eli 5-0)

Whom Would You want at QB to Win One Playoff Game?
-winner Eli (the panel voted 3-2 in favour of Eli-2 super bowl rings).

Whom Would You want to lead a Last –minute Drive?
-winner Eli (this in the one category where these experts are dead wrong, there is nobody else on the face of the earth that you want QBing your team late in the game

Who is Tougher for A Defence to Build a ‘Game Plan’ for?
-winner Peyton (no doubt)

Who Will history remember as a Better QB?
-winner Peyton (if he can win another title, that should cement his status, if Eli wins his 3rd, then it could go the other way. The panel here gave Peyton another 5-0 sweep of the panel.

As it stands right now, Peyton is the certain first-ballot HoFer.
Eli is going to need another Super Bowl title to add to his career. True, football is not just about Super Bowls; Peyton was a game-changer and is credited with helping to turn the game into a passing game that it is today.
That obviously has helped the league to thrive. If not for Peyton and the no-huddle offence, and his play out of the shotgun, it is possible that the NFL could have been more run-oriented (like the Canadian game).
Peyton Manning entered the game in 1998 when the quarterbacks were either getting old, or they just weren’t that good.
He was able to finally find that one head coach that meshed well with his own playmaking ability, and turned the Indianapolis franchise into a Super Bowl champion, along with head coach Tony Dungy.
The Manning vs Manning game made history back in 2006 when Indy played in New York. It is about to re-new its rivalry this weekend, in New York.


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