Vick wins Part I of ‘Vick vs RGIII’


BY:Jeff Schneberk @Game7overtime

Michael Vick was an effective caretaker of the read-option Monday, running 41 zone-read rushes. Philly’s 245 zone-read rush yards were the most in a game in the past five years.
During the first edition of Monday Night Football last night, broadcasters posted notes on the screen outlining just how successful Chip Kelly was when he was a coach for the University of Oregon Ducks football team.

Everybody seemed to have an opinion about Chip Kelly’s fast-break offense after its NFL unveiling on “Monday Night Football.”
Kelly was no exception.
“I felt like it was slow,” the first-year Philadelphia Eagles coach said Tuesday. “I’m not joking. We need to do a better job,” he said following a very close, 33-27 win at FedEx Field in Landover, MD
The Eagles ran 53 plays in a frenetic first half against the Washington Redskins’ stunned defense, amassing 322 total yards. Philadelphia had as many first downs (21) as Washington had offensive plays and entered halftime with a 26-7 lead. The Redskins’ only first-half score came on a 75-yard fumble return.

The Eagles ran a play every 22.2 seconds — and Kelly thought it was slow?
As it turned out, Eagles center Jason Kelce, who along with the quarterback has the most responsibility for dictating tempo, felt the same way.
“I know we can go faster,” Kelce said. “I think we went at a really good speed. There were times when we really put the foot on the pedal and were flying around out there, and there were times we eased it back a little bit. We definitely have plays we can still go faster with.”

Kelce also hinted at the second issue raised by the game — what happened to that go-go offense in the second half?
Kelly’s offence was soaring (like an eagle) in the first half but they slowed down enough in the second half to give RGIII a golden opportunity to make it a little too close for comfort.
In the first half, Philadelphia ran 53 plays and had 21 first downs.
In the second half, Philadelphia ran 24 plays and only made 5 first downs.

They scored 26 points in the first half and seven points in the second half.
For his part, Robert Griffin III threw two touchdowns and two interceptions. Because of him, they were able to make a game of it late and trimmed the Eagles lead down to six but that was as close as they could get.
After Philadelphia came out on fire in the first half with 26 points, they were held to 7 late in the game, Griffin led the Redskins to 21 points.


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