BY:Jeff Schneberk@Game7overtime

Leafs, Kadri getting closer to signing a deal

Nazem Kadri is learning he’s not worth quite as much to the Maple Leafs as he thinks he is.
Even when you think you have what it takes, why is it that it usually works against you at some point, when you are trying to convince someone that you are indeed worth as much as you think you are.

If Kadri hasn’t digested that little revelation that sounds more like I found it written inside a fortune cookie, he probably will shortly.
I want Nazem Kadri back in blue and white as much as I want to write hockey stories for the team he plays for.
According to Bob MacKenzie, who was speaking on TSN Radio in Toronto this afternoon, the two sides are finally both talking about a two-year bridge contract. Kadri is looking at something around $7 million, while the Leafs are countering with $5.7 million.
Hopefully Kadri will re-sign with Toronto, hopefully Jared Cowen will re-sign with Ottawa, Marcus Johansson with the Capitals, the other big-name Leaf Cody Franson back in Toronto this year.
The only problem is, each one of those players firmly believes they are on the edge of superstardom in the NHL.
Interesting thing is, at least a couple of them are probably right.
Reality is, in the salary cap era of the NHL, guaranteed at least one of them is going to have to wait.

Toronto (as usual) is an interesting situation. Two players, both should become NHL superstars, Leafs probably won’t be able to keep both of them. If they can/do it, hats off to GM David Nonis.
With training camp starting in mere days, each of those players above must realize that they are already beat.
Supposedly, the same situation as if some person attempted to bring down Google.
The start of what could very well be the greatest season in 50 years to be a Leafs fan, is on the verge of beginning on Thursday of this week, at the MasterCard Centre, last I heard.
The diminished salary cap hurts the ‘pool of cash’ that teams are spending from. Somebody is going to have to take a little less.
If I were Nazem Kadri, which I am clearly not, I take whatever money I can get from them, turn on the jet fuel starting next week, reap the rewards of being part of the most famous hockey team that the country has ever seen, and let everything else take care of itself.

You will be sipping Margeritas in the Caribbean one day, Nazem, and lighting those Cuban cigars (or whatever else) with $100 bills.
Just sign the contract with Leafs, please!



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