Peyton on Pace for 112 Touchdown Passes This Year After Career Night

Peyton Manning threw 7 touchdown passes last night against Baltimore

Peyton Manning threw 7 touchdown passes last night against Baltimore

BY:Jeff Schneberk
Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning did not break an NFL record last night in the season opener at Sports Authority Field at Mile High, but a quick look at date that the last person to do what he did, and it sure feels like Manning broke the record for most touchdown passes in an NFL game.
It was in 1969.
This is something that no other quarterback in the modern day NFL has done. I couldn’t believe it either. Not Tom Brady, not Ben Roethlisberger, not even Brett Favre or even Peyton Manning’s current boss, John Elway.

I find that beyond astounding.
Playing at home last night against the defending Super Bowl champions, Manning lit everyone in white on the defence up, not once or twice, but seven times.
Almost as important is, Manning is the first NFL quarterback to do this since 1969.
The last quarterback to throw for seven touchdowns in a single game was Joe Kapp when he did it for the Minnesota Vikings in 1969. On top of Manning’s output in the game last night, he also collected 462 yards of passing. That is insane. He also becomes the oldest player to ever do it.

Here is a per-touchdown breakdown of Manning’s record-tying night:

1st-Julius Thomas 24 yard pass
2nd-Julius Thomas 23 yard pass
3rd-Andre Caldwell 28 yard pass
4th-Wes Welker 5 yard pass
5th-Wes Welker 2 yard pass
6th-Demaryius Thomas 26 yard pass
7th-Demaryius Thomas 78 yard pass

Notice how all of them would have at least been huge gains had they not been rushed for touchdowns. How does Wes Welker feel with his been the shortest of the seven; his first two touchdowns not with the Patriots lol.
Perhaps the most amazing part of Manning’s night is that he didn’t throw any interceptions; considering how many touchdowns he threw, it is just amazing that he didn’t throw a single interception. It would be the ONE thing that his critics would still hold against him.
Wearing an orange-and-gray glove like the one he wore on that icy January night the previous time these teams met, Manning took a while to get warmed up against a defense that had to replace seven Super Bowl starters.
He ditched the glove when the rain stopped — and then he was unstoppable.

Manning is the sixth quarterback in NFL history to throw seven TD passes in a game and the first since Joe Kapp for Minnesota against Baltimore on Sept. 28, 1969.
The others who are this list are unheard of most fans of today; the days before the NFL became so pass-happy: Sid Luckman, Adrian Burk, George Blanda and Y.A. Tittle. In other words, ‘who?’ ‘who?’ ‘who?’ ‘who?’ and ‘who?’

Tom Brady has never done it. Nor Brett Favre, Dan Marino, Joe Montana, Steve Young or Terry Bradshaw. Or, for that matter, No. 7 himself, John Elway, who had his binoculars trained on the action from his perch in the luxury seats.
Sometimes in sports, it is a sign up disrespect when a team takes the lead, and then continues to pile it on, even when it seems clear that they are going to win. Manning’s justification for that is pretty understandable, brilliant in a way too, especially considering the huge gaffe by Jonathan Travathan who let go of the football as he crossed the one yard line, an easy TD that would have completely put the Ravens away. As Manning goes on to point out, Baltimore struck for another TD on their first series following the Trevathan mistake.
It also occurred after a beautiful interception of a Flacco pass, and then he broke past at least four Ravens defenders, all of whom should have been able to tackle him.

“I felt like we had to keep scoring because Baltimore can score at any time,” said Manning, who was 27-of-42 for 462 yards with no interceptions for an off-the-charts quarterback rating of 141.1.
“He’s phenomenal. To continue to come out every year and put that kind of performance on for us, it’s amazing,” Julius Thomas said.

It was also an interesting evening for the number of ex-Colts who were in this game. Obviously Manning, but Dallas Clark was rocked by a member of the Denver secondary, and also dropped a sure TD pass from Joe Flacco in the first quarter. Ravens wide receiver Brandon Stokely also played.
“Didn’t surprise me a bit,” said the Ravens’ Brandon Stokley, who played with Manning in Denver and Indianapolis. “He’s capable of this kind of night.”
The loss was Baltmore Head Coach Harbaugh’s first in six career season openers, and it might have come with a far bigger cost. Pro Bowl return man Jacoby Jones (sprained knee) and right tackle Michael Oher (sprained ankle) were both knocked out of the game in the first half, and their status is uncertain. Harbaugh did not have an update on either player after the game.

The Ravens also suffered a loss of different sorts as they were forced to play their season opener, thanks in no small part to the MLB’s Orioles. The NFL hung a banner of Flacco on the outside of Sports Authority Field but was he really feeling at home last night? Don’t think so.
Armed with a new six-year, $120.6 million contract, he matched the Broncos score for score in the first half and went into the locker room up 17-14 but had to play catch-up after falling behind 35-17 early in the third quarter. His final numbers: 34-of-62 for 362 yards with two TDs and two interceptions.
The Baltimore loss on Thursday night was the worst beating taken by the team that won the Super Bowl the year before. Here is a look at some of the others: Cowboys lost to Redskins by 19 in 1993, Chiefs lost to Vikings by 17 in 1970 and the Broncos also lost by 17 to the Dolphins in 1999.

“It was a pretty good game for a while and it got away from us,” Flacco said.OTHER RECORDS
Manning didn’t just tie some old guy when nineteen-sixty-whatever, with his performance last night, he also drew even with Drew Brees’ mark with his seventh career-five TD performance; on top of tying Brett Favre
Anyone confused with the weird sounding headline up there…it’s true.
Get Ready New York Giants!
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