BY:Jeff Schneberk @Game7overtime

I was watching TSN’s SportsCente last night around 12 midnight and two things struck me as ‘wow’, asides from how hot @tvnatasha is, I couldn’t believe I was seeing Leafs Head Coach Randy Carlyle behind hounded by the media at some point yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon as the team was involved in a charity golf tournament or something.
Since he hasn’t re-signed, I also thought it was interesting to see Nazem Kadri there. I didn’t think the guys who remained un-signed would still take part in team events, but nonetheless it is good to see him out there. Let us all pray that he is suiting up for the Leafs come October’s opener in Montreal.
Anyways I know that we have not seen this team since that May travesty in Beantown, so that should mean that none of us has seen Coach Carlyle doing his thing with the media. Although it is the norm, especially now that Labor Day was yesterday and hockey is slowly creeping back into the picture, the only thing that I can think about involving Coach Carlyle was that press conference he had I think it was after Game 5 in Boston, after the second Leaf win of the series, and some media member asked Carlyle if he thought all the pressure was now on Boston.

Carlyle laughs sometimes, jokes sometimes, actually looks kind of loose during conferences but I sat there in bed thinking to myself ‘wow , is it hockey season already?’ Given the nature of the media in Toronto, it’s understandable to see the Head Coach being hounded by a bunch of reporters, but I am still stuck in May mode, and obviously have yet to forget about all that stuff.
Heading into this season, there are probably as many questions regarding the team now as there were last season when the team was playing the way we all know that it can.
This season, however, there appears to be a question in goal. Who will start. Reimer or newly-acquired Jonathan Bernier? Somehow there’s people out there already that think it is going to be Bernier. Not sure where the logic in that comes from. Maybe because he is one of two Stanley Cup Champions on this Leaf team (the other I think is David Bolland).

Anyways, the NHL pre-season is set to start on Sunday, Sept. 15 between Leafs and Flyers and will be a neutral site game, taking place in London.
I think it is going to be an interesting situation of both Reimer and Bernier play well, post shutouts, etc., and make Coach Carlyle’s already tough job, even tougher.
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