Could Brady Quinn become just another Tim Tebow?




Brady Quinn as a member of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish

One man’s loss is another man’s gain.


BY:Jeff Schneberk @Game7overtime


The thing I hate the most about the NFL pre-season, and then the few days or so leading up to the regular season is the game of ‘musical quarterbacks’ that about 10 teams are going to take part in leading up to Week 1.

One guy gets cut here, another guy gets cut over there, he gets traded here, he gets traded there. As of Saturday afternoon of the Labour Day Weekend, it was a really bad weekend for about five NFL quarterbacks that were drafted in the first round of their respective Draft. Among them was Tim Tebow (Patriots), Brady Quinn (Seahawks) and Matt Leinart, who lasted about 3 days (Bills), and Vince Young (Packers).

Another first round draft choice, Mark Sanchez was apparently the victim of some very bad coaching out in East Rutherford, playing Sanchez very late in a game that supposedly they had no chance of winning. Then this Tebow kid came along sometime before this and he didn’t get much done, now they sign a former Golden Domer from Notre Dame, who had been drafted 22nd overall back in 2007, and has been traded and/or signed 3 since (drafted by Cleveland, traded to the Broncos, signed with Chiefs, signed with Seahawks and now signed with NY Jets). He has a record of 4-16 as a starter, however most of those starts came in Cleveland where nobody has ever seen a winning team, or quarterback, since the Bernie Kosar days. The one good part about this move, hopefully for everybody, is that Quinn will be throwing passes to Kellen Winslow for the second time in his career; the two were a duo back in Cleveland in 2007.

“Some people get shopped around the league, that’s how it goes,” said tight end Kellen Winslow, who played with Quinn in Cleveland. “Brady is a veteran now. It’s crazy how fast it goes. He’s very smart and he gives us some veteran presence and some leadership.”

Not all that long ago, Quinn was supposed to be a starter in the NFL. Everyone is calling him a veteran. He’s barely even played!

With Sanchez expected to miss at least a few weeks with an injured shoulder, the New York Jets signed veteran Quinn on Monday to back up starter Geno Smith — a move that casts doubt on Sanchez’s future with the team. Smith was announced Jets’ starter earlier this morning. EJ Manuel was named Bills’ starter for Week 1 as well.

Rex Ryan gave a vague explanation for the Quinn signing, saying it was simply an opportunity to add a good football player. Ryan provided no update on Sanchez, except to say he didn’t practice Monday.

It has been nine days since the shoulder injury in the game against the Giants, and Sanchez still hasn’t thrown a football, sources said. He won’t play in the season opener against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a source said. Even Smith acknowledged, “Mark’s status is very uncertain.”

But it’s more than that. Because he’s a vested veteran, Quinn’s salary (probably $715,000, the veterans’ minimum), will be guaranteed if he’s on the roster Saturday. Quinn arrived Sunday night, worked out for team officials in the morning and participated in practice, wearing No. 9.

“It’s a great opportunity,” he said. “The Jets are a historic organization.”

If Quinn learns the offense quickly and is willing to serve as a mentor to Smith, the Jets could decide that Sanchez is expendable. The organization is prepared to move on without him, sources said. The holdup is his contract. He’s counting $12.9 million on the 2013 salary cap. If he’s released, his cap number would remain the same this year, and there would be a $4.8 million charge in 2014. But what if Quinn is able to grasp the Jets’ offense faster than Smith has so far? Smith hasn’t done anything yet to give him the nod to lead the team. If he had, nobody would be talking about when Sanchez may come back??

One part of this that has the Jets released Graham Harrell in order to sign Quinn. Harrell who has NFL experience from Green Bay and New York, as well as Saskatchewan of the Canadian league, lasted with the Jets for less than a week. That opens up a door for Quinn who is getting to the point where he is going to have to make something happen if he really wants a full-time job throwing footballs.

Rex Ryan however gave no impression that they are planning to cut Sanchez. If anything, he’s making things even harder to understand, going into the season with 3 guys, either of whom could play any Sunday, at any time, even at any given quarter!

“If Mark’s healthy, then, yes, I would say he’ll be part of this team.” The Jets also could look to trade him. Obviously, they’d have to agree to eat most of the contract, but a team could be desperate if it suffers a quarterback injury.

The last time I saw Sanchez being questioned about that shoulder injury that Ryan has been blasted about ever since, Sanchez looks and sounds like he would rather be anywhere else.

“I’m not going to get into the rehab process or what stage we’re at,” he said. “I just know it’s feeling better every day.”

He actually sounded like he believes that he could start on Sunday afternoon when the Jets fly into Tampa Bay.

All signs point to rookie QB Geno Smith starting in Tampa Bay however Ryan as we all know loves to keep all the onlookers guessing and hasn’t officially named anyone yet.

“Nothing new there,” said Ryan, who will supposedly makethe announcement Wednesday, just like the Bills.

Sanchez and Smith waged a summer-long competition. The clear preference is Smith, but he performed poorly in his only extended outing — three interceptions against the New York Giants in the third preseason game.

Nevertheless, Smith, a second-round pick, said he’s ready to start.


Terrelle Pryor, another College star who made his name in school with Ohio State has been named the starter for the Oakland Raiders when they host another College star who is turning heads in the pros, Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts.

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Quinn with his original draft team, the Cleveland Browns.


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